Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Goddamn Batman!!!

I just couldn't help it anymore... I had to post this pic. I mean, COME ON, whether you love or hate "All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder", the Goddamn Batman's line here is now a part of comic book history. By not posting this, I'd have been doing this blog a grave injustice!


  1. I would've liked to see this version of Batman have to take on the Earth Zero Hal Jordan. I am pretty sure he would've ended up in prison and had his identity revealed to the public.

    Thats what the GODDAMN Green Lantern would've done.

    Sigh, Frank Miller, screwing with good comics once he finished The Dark Knight Returns.

  2. Heh heh, I kind of had a feeling that this pic might annoy you GL, since I know how you feel about All Star Batman.

    Personally, I have to admit that I love Frank's writing on All Star Bats. I also prefer All Star Batman to the Dark Knight Returns by far. But, once again, I didn't grow up reading Batman comics, so the drastic differences between the Goddamn Batman and regular Batman don't really bother me, like I imagine it would bother a long time Batman fan.

    My only real problem with All Star Bats is that he acts way more like a villain than a hero. I don't understand why the(All Star?)Justice League doesn't track him down and lock his crazy ass up. All it would take is sending Superman to Gotham for a few nights. Eventually, Supes would find the Goddamn Batman and lock him away.

    Anyway, the way I look at it is All Star Batman is an alternate Bruce Wayne and is NOTHING like the original. Like how Ultimate Colossus is gay and the original is obviously straight. Does it make sense for Ultimate Colossus to be gay? Hell no it doesn't! But, I roll with it because it's just an alternate version of the character. And let's face it, alternate versions of ANY character are always worse than the original. The Ultimate Marvel Universe can't hold a candle to the mainstream Marvel U, and mainstream DCU Batman is a way better character than the Goddamn Batman.