Sunday, March 1, 2009

More fun with Hawkeye.

Thanks to a mess of schoolwork I have to get done by tomorrow morning, I won't be able to post a review of Dark Avengers #2, as planned... Which is probably for the best, since I doubt I'd have had anything good to say about DA #2 anyway. Instead, here's a scan of vintage Clint Barton in action. Nothing cheers me up like some old school Hawkeye.


  1. I was partial to Ultimate Hawkeye up until they gave him that ugly Ultimates 3 costume...

    Man, when is Clint Barton going to be Hawkeye again? I just do not feel this Ronin stuff... He never struck me as the ninja type.

  2. Thank you for saying what I've been thinking ever since BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS took Marvel's greatest archer and turned him into a frigging ninja! Yeah, Clint was trained to fight by Captain America, so he's no slouch in the fighting department, but come on, Clint is the world's GREATEST archer, not the world's greatest ninja warrior! This is just another example of BENDIS doing whatever he wants and getting away with it.