Friday, March 27, 2009

She-Hulk # 38 (the last issue)

Overall- This comic book is what it is(that's my favorite piece of coach speak by the way), the final issue of a series that had started off sensationally(get it? "Sensational She-Hulk"!), but kind of choked towards the middle and never really regained it's initial charm.

This issue revolved around the government capturing She-Hulk's Skrull friend, Jazinda and experimenting on her, since we here on Earth really hate Skrulls. Really hate them! She-Hulk decides to spring Jaz, but realizes that in doing so she'd become a wanted criminal. The Lady Liberators help She-Hulk and the women wind up rescuing Jaz and defeating Behemoth, who is basically a big man-elephant. After the battle, She-Hulk prepares to turn herself in to the government authorities, but she is stopped by her lawyer, Mallory Book. Book tells She-Hulk to get lost and not to expect to get her law license back after this latest debacle.

She-Hulk doesn't want to leave Book to take the fall, but Book assures She-Hulk that she has contacts that can make this whole situation disappear. With that, She-Hulk, Jaz and the Lady Liberators leave. We end this comic and series with Book meeting with 5 mysterious figures who are members of "Forth Wall Enterprises". Book tells the mystery figures that she is cancelling the groups plans for She-Hulk, which leads to the Forth Waller's to make some jokes about She-Hulk getting cancelled.

I liked this issue as much as I could, but for the most part, as strange as it is to even type these words, Peter David's writing just never seemed to work on this series. When Dan Slott left She-Hulk and I heard Peter was taking over, I figured he'd be the perfect replacement for Dan, since both writers can masterfully take a comic book and wring some laughs out of it. To me though, and remember, I'm a huge fan of Peter's writing, Peter just never clicked with this series. Maybe it was taking She-Hulk away from the law firm and making her a bounty hunter, maybe it was the Lady Liberators(they really annoy me), maybe it was Jazinda, but this series just didn't have Peter's usual awesome writing in it. I guess the best thing I can say is I'm glad this series is cancelled, because now I won't have to buy it anymore. For a final score, I'll go with a 7 out of 10. This wasn't a horrible comic by any stretch of the imagination, but once again, it just sort of fell flat.

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