Saturday, March 7, 2009

Superboy Prime... I just can't hate him...

I really want to hate Superboy Prime, he WAS responsible for the death of Superboy(one of my favorite DC characters)during Infinite Crisis, but I always find myself laughing at his childish antics. Usually, I really hate whiny characters, but it just works so well for Prime.


  1. Of course you can't hate Superboy-Prime X-Man. He's beautiful like a force of nature and immaturity.

    I also really liked his "I'm going to unify my fist with Superman's Face..." line.

  2. Ha, it's fuuny you mention that line, GL, cause I was actually going to post that pic! Unfortunately though, the image was just too small.

    After reading the Sinestro Corps War storyline, I now have an even greater appreciation for Prime. Leave it to Geoff Johns to take a throwaway character from the 1980's and make him not only relevant and dangerous, but hilarious as well!

  3. I'm going to kill you to DEATH. That's all that needs to be said :D

  4. Ha, yeah, there's another classic Superboy Prime line! He's just such a moron!!!

  5. Honestly Kon-El for me died a long time before that shit crisis; electric boogaloo, the thing is if you want to savor his appearance go read young justice 55; same goes for Bart, the "evolution" to kid flash was a fuck you to the fans of impulse! if it was a cool new costume ,i'd be cool but kid flash is backpedaling to the old titans...Wolfman & Perez ended their great run, move the fuck on!

    Sorry but I can't stand Superbitchprimadonna!
    Dear lord, do I hate this character. Superman-Prime is like having a HEAT member as a supervillain, which is no good for any reader. He cries he's nostalgic, and he hates girls and black people.Nothing wrong with being comic fan, but when you get all giddy over your HEWOES being real, that's bad. I especially love he decides to to the one planet full of people who want him dead . If there's one character who should have died at the end of SCW, it was this guy. I normally hate death in comics unless it's tragic or epic, but if he dies because of abullet in what cancerised neurons he has for a brain , I would frame the page & make it a wallpaper for the pc.

    & to think we lost hitman ,impulse & kesel's superboy & young justice for this shit, wow thanks didio & johns thank you