Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tony Stark: Jerk, part 3

OK, these pics aren't as damning as the stuff I posted in Part 2 of my Tony Stark series, but still, it does a good job of painting him as an unlikable ass. This all took place prior to World War Hulk, which was a REALLY bad crossover. Tony explains that the Hulk was killed/M.I.A. during a mission for SHIELD, and he asks She-Hulk to step in and take down any of the Hulk's foes who might pop up. Jen agrees, not knowing the real story of what Stark and his Illuminati did to her cousin.Regardless of how you feel about the Hulk(personally, I've never liked the character), Jen has a great point about Tony and his posse just sending Hulk away in a spaceship with no trial or anything... Wasn't Stark's whole point during Civil War that you had to obey the law no matter how wrong the law may be?

Then, after Jen had worked for Tony and SHIELD taking in all of Hulk's major enemies, Tony de-powers her for disagreeing with him and dumps her in the middle of nowhere. Like I said in the opening paragraph, Tony's actions aren't as bad here as his actions in part 2, but still these scenes paint him as an elitist who uses people how he sees fit and when he's done with them, he discards them like trash.


  1. No, I don't think Tony ridding the world of the Hulk, or She-Hulk for that matter is a bad thing. How many cities do gamma powered monsters have to destroy until the Super Community decides to eliminate the Hulks entirely. MORE TROUBLE THAN THEY ARE WORTH.

    (And Amadeus Cho is clearly not one of the smartest people on the planet... the Hulk has never killed anyone my ass... you can't level Las Vegas and not kill anyone... As if ruining lives with the destruction alone was forgivable because he didn't kill anyone. DOUBT INSURANCE COVERS HULKAGE!)


  2. I've never cared about the Hulk(what a dull character)but Tony and his posse did basically decide unilaterally to just launch Hulk into space. No trial, no nothing! He was able to dampen Jen's powers, couldn't he have found a better way to deal with Hulk than throwing the guy off the planet.

    I couldn't agree with you more about Hulk/killing. While Hulk's leveling buildings, you're going to say no one was ever killed?!? Please! Plus I really, REALLY hate that annoying Cho...

  3. hey man movieartman here dont know if u will see this sense this is such an old post what book was thease pages from?
    i like this artist alot so just curious

  4. Hey Movieartman! I'm not 100% sure what this issue was, I KNOW it was from the She-Hulk series, and it must have been after Civil War... I'll see if I can find it tomorrow and if I do I'll let ya know.