Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tony Stark: Jerk, part 1

So, here we have Good ol' Tony lying to one of his oldest allies, Hawkeye. Yes, that is really Tony Stark in the armor, even though he is claiming that he isn't Tony Stark. And for the record, when Tony tells Clint that, "Stark fired the guy you're talking about.", Tony's full of s###, because TONY was THAT guy in the suit and he obviously didn't fire himself!

Reading this actually had me laughing, because all Tony does here is pile lie on top of lie. Hawkeye is supposed to be one of Tony's oldest "friends", and I use that term loosely, and Tony just continues to lie to Clint without a care in the world. Tony Stark is nothing more than a user of people. That's what he does. He uses people like pawns and when they realize Stark is playing them, he claims "someone else" did it. Don't even get me started on Spider-Man and Captain America! What Stark did to them was just plain vicious. What an a##hole...


  1. But Stark didn't pretend to be a cripple Hawkeye!!! He was a cripple and just happened to operate his armor with a Telepresence unit to steer it.

    Furthermore, of course Stark can't let even his close friends know he's Iron Man.

    Think what would've happened to Stark International's stock value if the Marvel U had known that SI's CEO was running around in a powered armor that can level mountains.

    SI's Stock would've plummeted and all those SI employees would lose their jobs. (Which happened... Maybe that makes Tony a little irresponsible, but he does save the world so...)

    If his friends know who he is for certain, it is only a matter of time before some psychic stock broker rips that knowledge out of Clint's head and ruins SI.

  2. Yeah, you do make some good points GL, but the problem is that Tony is CONSTANTLY telling the Avengers that he IS Iron Man, and then going back on it. My main gripe here is the fact that Tony has known Clint practically as long as anyone else in the Marvel U. Clint was the frigging leader of the West Coast Avengers during this time! If you can't trust the WCA leader with your ID, who can you trust!

    The funny thing is, in the West Coast Avengers comics at about this time, Iron Man is walking around claiming that he isn't Tony Stark, even though long-time Avengers Hawkeye and Hank Pym KNOW that he is! If Tony was as rabid about protecting his identity as say, Batman, I'd be fine with the lying, but every other week, Tony seems to hold a press conference announcing that he is Iron Man! Tony, dude, you can't have it both ways!

    The thing is, Tony just keeps lying here, almost uncontrollably. Not about the cripple thing, even though he COULD have told his friends he was better. I also get a good laugh when he tries to tell Clint that he fired the "previous" Iron Man, when Clint knows full well the "previous" Iron Man WAS Tony himself!