Friday, March 20, 2009

New Comic Day! (Again!)

OK, here's what came in this week's order:

Titans #11- Strangely enough, the writer here is Sean McKeever, not Judd Winick.. With how horribly Sean has been handling Teen Titans lately, the fact that he's writing this book worries me... With that said, maybe a change of scenery is what Sean needs and he'll revert back to his old, good form here. Hopefully...

REBELS #2- With Legion of Super Heroes cancelled, I figured I'd give this series a try. The only problem is I forgot to pick up issue #1... Whoops!

Guardians of the Galaxy #11- What more can I possibly say about this series and its two writers(Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning)that I haven't already said? How about this, if you enjoy reading comic books, you should be reading this series. It's that simple.

Green Arrow and Black Canary #18- I hate to say it, but ever since Andrew Kreisberg has taken up the writing duties for this book, I've really started to lose interest. I'm hoping this is the issue he finally grabs my attention.

Action Comics #875- I have no reason for buying this comic book. I really don't. It was a total impulse buy. Hopefully I'll enjoy it enough to pick up the next issue.

Dark Reign Files #1- Do I complain about Marvel's current direction constantly? Yes. Do I hate the entire premise of "Dark Reign"(which, by the way, is a total rip-off of "Acts of Vengeance", for those of you with longer memories)? Yes. Do I believe that Joe Quesada and the dread LORD BENDIS are destroying everything that made the Marvel Universe special and unique? Yes. So, with all that said, why would I spend $5 on this comic? I have no reason... More than anything, the fact that I brought this comic proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am a moron and a comic book junkie who will continue to swallow anything Marvel shoves down my throat...

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1- This was one of the two reasons I placed this order to begin with. I'm very intrigued as to what direction DC plans to go with the whole "Batman is dead" storyline. Like I've stated numerous times, we all know that eventually, Bruce Wayne will be wearing the cowl again, but I'm interested in watching exactly what DC has planned for Gotham and it's protectors in the meantime.

Besides the comics listed above, I also FINALLY have Starman #74 in my hands. Why is that important? Starman #74 was the only issue from that series that I didn't possess. Now, my Starman collection is complete and being an obsessive collector, I can smile a wide contented smile and rest.

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