Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vigilante #3

Overall- This comic still isn't doing much for me. I'll give a review, but it's going to be very quick. Vigilante finds Nightwing and asks him where exactly the Titans are holding Jericho, since Vigilante wants to question Jericho about the N.Y. mob scene. Nightwing won't give up the info, and the two fight. Vigilante escapes after shooting Nightwing point blank in the chest(don't worry, Nightwing's uniform is strong enough to handle a point blank slug). Vigilante then runs afoul the F.B.I. and has to escape from them. Vigilante then gets jumped by Nightwing and the two fight again. After some fighting, Nightwing inexplicably decides he trusts Vigilante and tells him that Jericho is being held at the Titans base... Huh?!? Nightwing then leads Vigilante to a boat and wishes him luck with Jericho, before leaving for Gotham... What the hell??? But weren't they just fighting??? On top of that, I remember Vigilante holding Dick Grayson hostage for several days back in the Nightwing series... And yet Nightwing trusts him... OK... Besides that, there's also a serial killer running around NYC killing people and then cross-dressing the bodies. The killer is intrigued by Vigilante and decides to hang around NYC in order to run in to him... WHAT?!?!

The Origins & Omens portion of this comic book added absolutely nothing to this story and the future images basically showed us events that are scheduled for the next issue(Vigilante vs. Cyborg and Wonder Girl), so it wasn't really a very deep glimpse into the future. I was really hoping we'd get some kind of revelation about Vigilante's identity here, but alas, that was not to be.

I'm really trying to give Marv Wolfman the benefit of the doubt with this series, but I'm sorry, this issue really wasn't very good. I'll probably stick around another 3 issues or so, but unless Marv really does SOMETHING here, I'll be cutting my ties from this book. Give us Vigilante's identity or some great villains or something, Marv! The cross-dress murders??? I'm sorry Marv, but you've got to do WAY better than that! For a score, I'll give this issue a 4 out of 10. Boy, the last few comics I've reviewed have really been pretty lousy... On a positive note, I'm also reading Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps back issues nightly. So far, I've really enjoyed GL, and I like GLC a lot more than I expected to. I'm just about up to the Sinestro Corps War crossover in those two series.

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