Friday, March 6, 2009

The MANY trick arrows of Oliver Queen.

OK, so between classes I've been reading through Showcase Presents: The Green Arrow Volume 1. First off, this tpb is HILARIOUS! I love the old, super dramatic, 1950's way of comic book storytelling, and that is in full effect here. Thus far, I've read about 18 different GA stories. I just wanted to list the MANY trick arrows Ollie(or other archers)has used so far in this tpb. Luminescent Arrow- Illuminates a target

Vine Arrow- Releases a vine to wrap up a target

"Big Ben" Arrow- A time bomb arrow

Lava Arrow- Duh, it spews lava

Jujitsu Arrow- Grabs someone with a "Jujitsu leg hold", whatever that means...

Heli-Spotter Arrow- A mirror arrow that rotates in the air

Spotter Arrow- Places a falcon's hood over someone

Boxing Glove Arrow- THE famous arrow with a boxing glove attached

Flashlight Arrow- Shines some light on a situation

Rope Arrow- Helps GA and Speedy reach lofty heights, or wraps up their enemies

Umbrella Arrow- It's an umbrella attached to an arrow... What more can I say?

Mummy Arrow- Wraps up foes in mummy wrapping

Boomerang Arrow- Usually used to grab stolen loot and bring it back to GA

Rain Arrow- An arrow with a shower head attached...

Cable Arrow- Used to wrap up heavy objects with steel cable

Cocoon Arrow- An arrow that weaves a cocoon around a target

Jet Arrow- A jet powered arrow

Firecracker Arrows- Used to blow up small objects

Chain Arrow- Wraps a chain around an opponent

Acetylene Arrow- Produces cold, harmless heat

Balloon Arrow- Explodes to distract GA's foes

Plastic-Net Arrow- Wraps someone/thing up in a gooey plastic net

Parachute Arrow- Produces a small parachute when fired

Short-Circuit Arrow- Short circuit's electrical objects

Aqua-Lung Arrow- Used to breath underwater...

Radio Arrow- Allows GA to communicate with others via a two way radio

Fountain Pen Arrow- Leaves a trail of ink behind an object

Dry-Ice Arrow- Leaves a trail of dry ice

Flare Arrow- Lets up a warning flare

Two Stage Rocket Arrow-??? I read the comic and I don't know what it did!

Net Arrow- Unfurls a net over someone/thing

Siren Arrow- Lets out a loud scream

Drift Wood Arrow- Arrows that have drift wood attached to the ends

Tear Gas Arrow- Releases a barrage of tear gas

Smoke Screen Arrow- Releases a blinding wave of smoke

Arrow-Bomb- A bomb attached to an arrow

Arrow-Mine- A underwater mine attached to an arrow

Fan Arrow- Fires a fan that disperses any smoke around

Drill Arrow- An arrow with a drill head attached

Fake Uranium Arrow- Gives off waves that simulate radiation... OOOOOK...

Bazooka Arrow- Arrows that explode like bazooka shells

Oven Arrow- Causes an object to become red hot

Ink Arrows- Arrows that explode with ink

Ring Arrow- Wraps a ring around GA's foes

Tumbleweed Arrows- Fires tumbleweeds that stir up dirt and sand. NOW, I've seen it all...

Hoop Arrow- Form a hoop to wrap up someone

Sun Arrow- Causes a ball of blinding light

Gun Arrows- Arrows that fire bullets

Ice Cutting Arrow- An arrow that, you guessed it, cuts through ice

Avalanche Arrow- An arrow with a snowball attached, which could create a snow slide on a hill

Harpoon Arrow- Used to harpoon objects out at sea

Buzz-Saw Arrow- Cuts through any tree

Antler Arrow- An arrow with moose antlers attached... Why???

Handcuff Arrow- Fires an arrow with handcuffs attached

That's a lot of trick arrows, and I'm not even half-way through this tpb yet!!!!! Where does Ollie find the time to create these arrows AND fight crime? And why would anybody need an Antler Arrow?!?!

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