Friday, March 27, 2009

Overdoing it(as usual)...

Over on his blog, Yedna told me that he had ordered the upcoming "Flash: Rebirth" series off of the DC subscription service. I had always been meaning to check out DC's subscription services, since I get most of my Marvel books through Marvel's sub. service. First off, it's always a treat to find a comic book waiting in the mailbox, and second, and more importantly, ordering direct through Marvel has saved me a decent amount of cash. So, since it was still fresh on my mind, I decided to go to DC's website today to check out what they were offering subscription-wise.

Before I even go any further, let me say, I couldn't find HOW to order direct from DC's web page for the longest time! Jeez, you'd think there would be a really obvious link on the main page... You know a tab that says, "Subscription Services" or something like that! No, I ended up wandering around DC website for a few minutes before I finally said, "screw this" and googled "DC Subscription". Google pointed me to the site, which you could get to from DC if you click the little "about" link towards the bottom of the main page. Why DC makes it so hard to find their sub. services, I don't know...

Anyway, I finally find DC's subscription page and I have to admit I was a little let down that they weren't offering a multi-book deal like Marvel does. DC's sub. service was really pretty bare-bones compared to Marvel's . Marvel has all kinds of deals for subscribers, DC had none. Still, I figured buying direct from DC would wind up saving me a good chunk of money, which means I can frivolously spend that saved money on other comics!

Initially, I figured I'd order 3 or 4 titles, but by the time I was done, I had ordered 11(!)books! Yes, that's right, 11! Of course, I rationalized my actions by repeatedly telling myself that in the long run, I'd be saving cash, but damn, that was a bit excessive, even by my normal standards! So, which books did I subscribe to? Here's the list:
Action Comics
Green Arrow/Black Canary
Green Lantern Corps
Flash: Rebirth
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Justice Society of America
And just for the hell of it, Adventure Comics.

The scary thing is it actually could have been worse! I nearly also picked up Justice League of America, Teen Titans and Detective Comics. However, JLA and Teen Titans have been so bad for so long now, I'm pretty close to dropping them altogether, so I decided to wait and see if those books improve before subscribing to them. As for Detective Comics, I'll give it a read after "Battle for the Cowl" wraps up, but from all the rumors I've been hearing, Detective is going to star Batwoman, which really doesn't interest me in the least... Like I said, I'll give Detective a shot, but I'm not going to lock myself in to 12 issues of that comic, especially if Batman isn't the lead. I was also close to not subscribing to GA/BC and JSA. GA/BC saved itself with the most recent issue, which was really good, and with Geoff Johns leaving JSA shortly, I was a bit apprehensive about locking myself into that comic for a year. But as you can see, I wound up ordering both series anyway.

Spending that much money on comic books pretty much killed any plans I had to pick up any new video games. So long, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4 or any other new game I had my sights set on...

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