Friday, March 27, 2009

Tony Stark: Jerk, part 2

Alright, some background here first. Steve Rogers has been stripped of his Captain America persona by the U.S. government and was forced to relinquish his uniform and shield. Although no longer Captain America, Steve still wanted to fight injustice, so he adopted the new(and VERY unoriginal)nickname of "The Captain". So, Steve has a name and new costume, but no shield. He decides to turn to his "friend", Tony Stark for assistance in getting a replacement shield. Tony during this time was obsessed with destroying any piece of Stark-tech in the world, regardless of who had brought it, or where it was. The first pic just shows that the only reason Tony agrees to help Steve is so Steve won't interfere with his plans to attack the Vault. Classy, no? These next few pics chronicle the inevitable confrontation between Tony and Steve at the Vault. Do you notice that Steve is wearing a gas mask? That's because Tony decided to gas the entire prison before sneaking in and destroying the Guardsmen armor. For the record, the Guardsmen were the prison guards who dealt with the super-powered nut-jobs who were locked up in the Vault. The Guardsman behind Steve is the last one left, Tony had already destroyed all of the other suits of armor.

Yep, that's right, Steve removes his gas mask to make sure the Guardsman won't suffocate in his suit of armor and what does Tony do? He shocks his "friend", leaving Steve conscious, but unable to move, before he then destroys the last Guardsman's suit of armor right in front of the helpless Captain. Think about that for a second. Captain America was trying to save someones life and Tony blindsides him! That's low... That's REALLY low!


  1. All right, it was a little low for Stark to shock Rogers like that. But he did look sweet in that Red and Silver color scheme.

    Sadly for Stark, this isn't the last time that the Iron Man armor designs were stolen by the Government... (Like when he was President Bush's Secretary of Defense...)

  2. You know, looking back at most of the comics I have where Tony is acting badly, most of them involve him screwing over Steve Rogers in some way, shape or form... That probably goes a long way in explaining why I just can't stand Stark!

    IMHO, Steve Rogers/Captain America is THE ideal super-hero. He's not the strongest, smartest, coolest or anything, but when Steve decided he was going to do something, you knew it was going to get done! Steve had that leadership quality, where you'd follow him to hell itself if he asked you to.

    Deep down, I think it's the friction between Steve and Tony that leads me to hate Stark like I do. Plus, Tony just seems like a little weasel to me, always scheming and conniving while Steve always would just go with his heart and do what he felt was the right thing, regardless of what it was.