Thursday, March 12, 2009

The latest order...

Since I have no willpower, I placed my second comic book order this month already. Usually I try to place two orders for the entire month, but it's beginning to look like I'll be placing at least 3 orders this month... So, why order this week, instead of holding off? Well, #1, I'm looking forward to "Batman: Battle for the Cowl", so I really wanted to get my hands on that, as well as my beloved "Guardians of the Galaxy". However, The coup de grace was the fact that my comic book shop FINALLY got "Starman" #74 in stock. Upon receiving Starman #74, I'll officially own EVERY single issue, crossover and special that James Robinson wrote about Jack Knight/Starman. I've been looking for Starman #74 for several weeks now, and finally, FINALLY, I'll get my grubby hands on it! I can't wait to read that comic book!!! Anyway, here's the rest of the order.

Action Comics (1938 DC) 875 NM
Batman and the Outsiders (2007 2nd Series) 9 VF
Batman Battle for the Cowl (2009 DC) 1A NM
Booster Gold (2007 DC 2nd Series) 18 NM
Dark Reign Files (2009 Marvel) 0 NM
Green Arrow/Black Canary (2007) 18 NM
Green Lantern (1990 2nd Series) Annual 4 NM
Green Lantern Corps (2006) 34A NM
Guardians of the Galaxy (2008 2nd Series) 11 NM
Rebels (2009 DC) 2 NM
Shade (1997) 1 VF
Shade (1997) 3 VF
Shade (1997) 4 FN
Showcase Presents Brave and The Bold TPB (2007) 1-1ST FN
Starman (1994 2nd Series) 74 NM
Titans (2008 2nd Series) 11 NM

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