Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tony Stark: Jerk, part 4

I figure I'll run Tony Stark's name into the ground for a few more nights before I let up. Tonight, we have basically the aftermath of part 2 of my Tony Stark hatefest. Tony and some random woman come walking into Tony's apartment and they discover The Captain(Steve Rogers)waiting. Tony rushes the woman out and here's what follows.

Jeez, Tony is really at his sleazy best in the above pics. The sarcastic tone Tony takes with Steve right off the bat with the "disappointed" comment really sets the tone for the rest of this conversation. Then, you've got to love the arrogance Tony shows after Steve tells him he's taking him in. Who wouldn't want to wipe that smug look off of Tony's face? I also like the delayed apology Tony gives after learning he allowed some criminals to escape from the Vault. That pause between "I'm" and "sorry" really makes the apology seem forced and insincere. I only included the picture above because it really shows the audacity of Steve Rogers. "Yeah, you're Iron Man, but I'm STILL going to kick your ass." Steve Rogers was flat out awesome! How could I not end this post with Cap hitting Tony in the nads with his shield. That has to be one of my all-time favorite single panels EVER!


  1. Since I would remember Stark going to prison for destroying Federal Property and incidentally releasing Super Criminals, is is safe to assume that Tony beating the snot out of Rogers in that Black, White, and Red uniform is what finally helped persuade Steve to go get his Captain America identity back...?

  2. Actually it was U.S. Agent going pretty much insane while he was Captain America that led to Cap regaining his proper uniform(Plus something with Red Skull, I think...). Although I could be a little off, it's been a long time since I read those comics.

  3. They should reintroduce Steve as the Captain... Bucky could be Captain America, and Steve could be the Captain...

  4. You know GL, that's actually a pretty good idea... Bring Steve back, find him a new look(US Agent is still rocking the Captain outfit)and have him fight injustice the world over.

    The main problem I see with that scenario is that Marvel would be too tempted to put Steve back in the Captain America uniform for a huge sales boost... Once Steve comes back, you just know Bucky's days as Captain America are numbered.

    The better idea might be to swap the roles and have Bucky as the new, grittier Captain, where he can be featured in an espionage/spy-centric comic book, while giving Steve back the Captain America mantle.