Sunday, March 15, 2009

Justice Society of America #24

Whew, I just finished up a math project due tomorrow, and decided that before I begin reading Shakespeare's Othello for class tomorrow, I'd cram a quick comic review onto this blog. And what better comic to read then Geoff Johns' JSA, right?

Overall- Like I stated above, this is going to be a quickie review, so hang on. Actually, this entire comic was moving really fast, since I guess Geoff is trying to get everything he wants into this series before he turns the writing duties over to Bill Willingham at issue #27. Billy Batson brings the JSA to a secret location in Fawcett City, where they find a magic train, which should bring the team to the Rock of Eternity and Black Adam and Isis.

While the heroes are making their approach, Black Adam is talking to Isis at the Rock. Adam is surprised by Isis' change in attitude since he reunited with her. Isis is now talking to Black Adam about purging the Earth of all life, while Black Adam is trying to reason with her. It's pretty weird seeing these two act like this, it's like they swapped personalities... Isis admits that she no longer has any mercy for the world, only rage and vengeance.

Meanwhile, the heroes arrive at the Rock and are confronted by Adam, who warns them to leave this place, especially Atom Smasher, who Adam considers a friend, and Billy, before something bad happens to them. Before anybody can really do anything, Isis arrives and throws Billy into the mists that surround the Rock of Eternity, where(I think)he'll be trapped forever. Flash(Jay Garrick)runs into the mists and throws Billy back to the team, but becomes lost in the mists himself.

By this point, the heavy hitters are confronting Adam and Isis, while Billy, Stargirl and Wildcat are trying to make their way to the throne room in the Rock. Wildcat winds up becoming separated from Billy and Stargirl, who decide now is a great time to have a romantic interlude... OK then... They are interrupted by the still insane Mary Marvel, who knocks out Stargirl, before telling Billy that he'll be joining her new family, the Black Marvels. This issue closes with Jay racing through the void of the mist and finding Billy Batson's father, who tells Jay that the two of them must travel to the Rock of Finality in order to save Billy and Mary.

As for the "Origins and Omens" story, the potential future images shown by Scar reveal Magog fighting Young Wildcat and Atom Smasher, Alan Scott battling a robed figure who is attacking him with plants(I guess his ex-wife, Rose), and Mr. Terrific laying in a pool of blood, besides a few other things.

I would have liked more from this comic, but I guess with this storyline only being 3 parts, Geoff couldn't really expand on things the way he usually does with his longer storylines. This issue really felt rushed, and at times it seemed like we were missing parts of the story. I guess I'm just used to most of Geoff's storylines being more in-depth and longer than the 3 parts this storyarc is being afforded. That's really all I've got to say about this comic. For a score, I'll go with a 7 1/2 out of 10. I was really hoping for a little bit more from this story(it's got Black Adam and the JSA in it!), but like I stated above, the pacing just seemed too rushed. Eh, who knows, maybe it's just me.

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