Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some more fun with Namor.

Since it's actually pretty late, I won't be able to post any reviews for the new comics I've been reading through recently. Instead, since I am obsessed with posting SOMETHING to this blog every night, enjoy these scans of Namor, King of Atlantis.

If I could be any comic book character, Namor would be pretty high on the list. Not only is he super powerful, since he's a king, he can act like an absolute jackass and get away with it!


  1. The other day Howard Stern was trying to invent a superhero who could fly, breathe underwater and also walk on land. A fan called in to let him know such a hero already exists. His name? Namor!

  2. I've got to ask, why was Howard Stern trying to invent a super-hero with those attributes. Although I'm almost afraid to find out the answer!