Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mighty Avengers #22

Overall- Eh, this was one of those cases where I didn't hate what I read, but I also didn't really care about it either. Before I go any further, here's a quick review of the contents of this comic.

The motley crew of Avengers Scarlet Witch(Wanda Maximoff)summoned to Wundagore Mountain to stop the evil god, Chthon, begin to fall apart practically the moment they get together, with Hulk deciding he wasn't interested in helping anyone, Stature blaming Scarlet Witch for killing her father(the second Ant-Man)and US Agent trying to arrest Hercules and that nasty punk Amadeus Cho. Just for trying to arrest that jackass Cho, I have a new found respect for US Agent.

While these Avengers are falling apart, Chthon, who is in possession of Quicksilver's body is running across the planet, spreading chaos in his wake. Wanda leaves the bickering group when she realizes Iron Man was approaching Wundergore Mountain. Wanda makes it so that Hulk and Iron Man run into each other, which predictably leads to Hulk attacking Iron Man, since Hulk still holds Tony responsible for the death of his wife and(as far as he knows)his unborn son.

Eventually, Hank Pym manages to get the Avengers into some semblance of order and they retreat to strategize. Hank decides with Chthon destroying the Earth, they have to move fast and attack Chthon's stronghold underneath Wundergore Mountain. Hank and the Avengers enter Wundergore and run into Chthon's top lieutenant, Modred. Modred brings the walls to life and has them attack the Avengers. The Avengers have difficulty dealing with the living walls and Bova the cow-woman, who Modred has retained from Wundergore as his personal assistant, tries to strike Modred in the back of the head with a book she's been carrying. Modred sees Bova's attack coming and prevents it. This momentary distraction winds up giving Iron Man, who managed to defeat the Hulk during their battle, the chance to blast Modred into unconsciousness. With that, the ever arrogant Tony Stark dumps Bruce Banner's unconscious body on the floor and announces that he'll take over matters from here... Damn, what an a##hole Stark is! The issue closes with us discovering that Quicksilver's consciousness seems to be trapped within the book Bova was seen clutching throughout this issue.

This comic was OK, it was readable, but it just didn't wow me. I've made a point to say that I think Dan Slott is one of the top comic book writers out there today, but so far, this storyline isn't pleasing me the way Dan's work in "Avengers: The Initiative" did. It could be the team, since I can't stress enough just how much I hate Amadeus Cho. Whenever I even see him in a comic book, I begin to lose interest, that's how much I hate him. I'm also still harboring a grudge(yes, I hold grudges against comic book characters!)against Tony Stark over the way "Civil War" and Captain America's death went down. As far as I'm concerned, Stark is as responsible as the Red Skull when it comes to Steve Rogers death. I never really liked US Agent(once again because of all the crap he put Steve Rogers through), Hercules I can take or leave and Scarlet Witch has been so butchered by the dread LORD BENDIS during Avengers: Disassembled and House of M, I have a hard time as seeing her as anything but a lunatic. I will say that I've always liked Hank Pym, due to the fact that the guy is always a few seconds away from a total nervous breakdown, and I'm also fine with Jocasta hanging around. I really like the fact that Stature and Vision are included here, because I absolutely, positively LOVED the "Young Avengers" series while it was around.

Next issue has the potential to be interesting, since US Agent should consider Iron Man a wanted criminal, as well as the fact that Pym basically blamed Stark for the death of his ex-wife, the Wasp. I'm sure this comic will pick up, Dan always produces good to great work, but I would really like to see some tweaks to this roster. Hell, I'd accept Iron Man with open arms if they'd throw that son of a b#### Cho off the team. With that, I'll give this comic a score of 6 out of 10. This comic was readable, but just never grabbed my attention... Oh well, better luck next month.

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