Thursday, March 26, 2009

Green Lantern #38

Overall- Finally, FINALLY, I've caught up and I'm current with this series, which means I can post my thoughts about the most recent issue of Green Lantern. Needless to say, this issue was frigging awesome, but I'll try to provide a better review than that.

We open this issue with Carol Ferris trying to call Hal, but getting Cowgirl instead. Carol gets awkward and winds up hanging up on Cowgirl. Meanwhile, back on the planet Ysmault, Hal has been transformed into a Red Lantern by Atrocitus. After watching Sinestro murder former Green Lantern and current Red Lantern, Laira, Hal gives into his rage and is spewing blood like the rest of the Red Lantern Corps. Hal is already far superior to the other members of the RL Corps, since he is capable of shaping his fiery spew into constructions. The Blue Lanterns try to intervene and get rid of Hal's rage, but Atrocitus stops them and Hal begins to kill Sinestro in a big red electric chair... If nothing else, Hal sure is creative! Me, a big stake through the chest would be good enough to do the job, but Hal decides to go with the chair.

While Hal is frying Sinestro, Atrocitus reveals that a Blue Lantern's ring won't work without an active Green Lantern present... That's kind of strange, no? You'd think Ganthet and Sayd would have created their rings independent of the GL corps... Anyway, Saint Walker makes the desperate move of putting his Blue power ring on Hal's finger, hoping that the power of hope(blue)will triumph over the power of rage(red). Walker's ploy works, and Hal's body rejects the Red ring and Hal launches an attack against Atrocitus, which sends him reeling and destroys Hal's red ring altogether, which shocks Atrocitus and the Red Lantern corps to the point of retreat. Sinestro, also not wanting a piece of super-charged Hal orders his Sinestro corps members to prepare to transport back to the anti-matter universe.

With the Red and Yellow Lantern's gone, Hal, glowing half green and half blue, due to his duel rings asks Walker why he was multi-colored, to which Walker timidly responds, "I do not know.". Sinestro returns to his base in the anti-matter universe, Qward, and constructs a huge yellow power battery to re-power the dwindling power among his and his followers rings. Sinestro then decides to return to his homeworld of Korugar to find the daughter Atrocitus mentioned to him. The issue ends with the Star Sapphires once again recruiting Carol Ferris to join their cause, as well as the Orange Lantern preparing for a confrontation with some super-powered aliens calling themselves the Controllers.

Geoff Johns wrote this comic book. For those of you not in the know, that means this issue was spectacular! From cover to cover, Geoff did an awesome job, told a great story and continues to put the Blackest Night into motion, leaving me nearly drooling in anticipation of this summer's mega-event. So, in the past two issues, Hal went from a Green Lantern, to a Red Lantern, to a Blue Lantern to a Green/Blue Lantern! That's a lot of changing over the course of 2 issues! At this rate by Blackest Night, Hal will have had a taste of every single power ring in the universe, which is pretty damn impressive. What else can I say? Geoff really out did himself here, and I loved this storyline, and in particular, this issue. For a score, I'll go with a 10 out of 10. This issue was THAT good.

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