Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Punisher #2

Overall- Much like most of the Marvel comic books coming out nowadays, this issue just didn't do it for me. Plot wise, the Punisher meets his mystery helper from last issue. The mystery helper tells Frank that his name is Henry, and that he realizes Norman Osborn is really a bad guy, not the hero he's been portrayed as since Secret Invasion... Must Norman Osborn appear in EVERY Marvel comic? I thought it was Wolverine's job to show up in every Marvel comic book. What gives? Anyway, Henry offers to help Frank take down the bad guys, and plans on collecting enough information to prove that Norman Osborn is still a villain. Frank takes Henry up on his offer and the two begin a plan to discredit Osborn.

Osborn has been making the rounds on TV, telling everybody that since he has taken control of SHIELD and formed HAMMER, the crime rate has dipped severely. With the assistance of Henry, who has hacked into several cameras across NYC, Frank goes around killing pimps, terrorists, murderers, etc. After killing the baddies, Frank photographs the grisly scenes and has Henry send the photos to several media outlets. The photos prove that crime is still running rampant in NYC and that Osborn was blatantly lying about the crime rate falling dramatically. Needless to say, Normie is pissed and sends the Hood to deal with Punisher.

Actually, this wasn't a horrible comic book, it's just hard for me to really invest that much interest in the Punisher anymore. I've always been a big fan of Frank, but this comic is going TOTALLY the wrong way. Why do we have Frank going after Osborn? Let's face facts, nothing important is going to happen in this comic book. Frank isn't going to kill Norman, the Hood, or any "main" villain in the Marvel Universe. Honestly, he's just not important enough. I already know that Frank is never going to bust Osborn. When Osborn is finally busted, it's going to come in either a BENDIS written book, or the next big Marvel event. It sure as hell isn't going to happen in a Punisher comic!

A Punisher comic works best when Frank is dealing with street trash, or very low level super-villains, I'm talking Stilt-Man/Bushwacker types. Give Frank opponents more fitting to his world, the street world. Frank Castle is never going to save the world, or defeat Dr. Doom, so why have him deal with crap like that. For a score, I'll give this comic a 6 1/2 out of 10. Like I said, this wasn't a bad comic, it just can't possibly lead anywhere. Frank should be spending his time gunning down mobsters, not trying to prevent Norman Osborn's plots for world domination.

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