Thursday, October 2, 2008

Teen Titans:Year One 1-6

Well, for my first official review for this blog, I'm going to take a look at the Teen Titans: Year One comic I read through yesterday. All in all, all 6 issues of this mini series only took me about 20-30 minutes to read. So it was a very quick read. I guess I'll just come out and say it wasn't bad, but it also didn't really blow me away either. It was obvious that it was written for a younger audience, and the art style was very reminiscent to X-Men:First Class(at least to me anyway, I am no expert in art, I concentrate much more on the writing style/story). All the Titans looked like kids, not jacked up super-jocks, which helped in the more kiddie style of the books. The series itself seemed to ape alot off of X-Men: First Class, in that the Titans had all the things you would expect kids today to have, so it was obviously not a retelling of their early 1960-1970 adventures. As far as the story went, it tended to be kind of disjointed, with the 6 issues covering about 3 or 4 different story lines. You really didn't get to much depth to the characters, except for the most basic stuff(Robin is a leader, Kid Flash is impulsive, Aqualad is weird, Wonder Girl is a girl, and Speedy was looking to get with Wonder Girl).
On the plus side, it was kind of funny to see Batman backhand Robin and banish him from Wayne manor during one of the early issues of the series. That Batman. He sure did mistreat his earlier Robins. On the negative side, I personally was disappointed that Speedy(Roy Harper) only showed up in like 3 of the issues, him being one of my favorite DC characters.
My favorite issue of the series was issue 5, which chronicled Speedy's date with Wonder Girl(Donna Troy). I particularly enjoyed Green Arrow's cameo where he explained to Roy the three rules for dating a girl.#1, Don't bring her home with you, #2, Don't get her knocked up and #3 don't wreck the car! Oh Oliver Queen... What would we be without your sage advice! Anyway, the mini series in general was O.K., even if it was somewhat forgettable. I personally prefer X-men: First Class if you want to read about established characters back when they were still teenagers, but I'd give Teen Titans: Year One a mild recommendation.

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