Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nightwing 49

Story- Dick manages to survive the oncoming truck by ducking underneath it, then getting the hell off the street. After some investigating, he discovers the only man left holding a patent for the strange material the woman in red was using is a millionaire living not too far away. Dick makes his way to the last millionaire, to find him heavily guarded and fearing for his life. He tells Dick that he and his fatcat(I love that word, thanks Green Arrow) partners, drove the inventor of the fabric to suicide, so they could reap the rewards of his miracle cloth. Now, the daughter of the scientist is out for revenge. The woman arrives, calling herself Sylph. She tries reasoning with Dick, but he tells her killing the dirty fatcat won't bring back her father. They fight and Dick manages to barely get the upper hand. Sylph, not wanting to be apprehended, instead leaps out the window, wrapping the cloth around her own neck, killing herself instantly. Dick promises the sole surviving millionaire will pay for his sins, in court.
In between all this, Officer Grayson sits in on a stake out with Sgt. Amy(that's much easier to type then her last name), and finds out she dislikes him because she feels he got his job because of a relationship with someone higher up, which surprises Dick.
Torque ambushes Inspector Arnot at the police station, which leads to a full scale hostage situation. Amy calls in Dick, since the station is calling in all units. So, the question becomes should Dick arrive at the scene as Officer Grayson, who can't do much, or Nightwing, who might have a better chance of ending the situation. Decisions, decisions...

Overall- As always, I loved the stuff with Torque, but what was up with Sylph committing suicide??? She seemed to show some interesting potential, if not as a full blown villain, then a vigilante, cut out of the cloth of a Huntress or maybe even a Punisher. Her death seemed very wasteful and needless.
Hey, I'm up to issue 50 already!! Where are the party hats and streamers?

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