Friday, October 24, 2008

She can't be that stupid, can she???

I don't know if anybody remembers Kole from the New Teen Titans in the 80's, but I saw this picture and couldn't help but chuckle... First of all, Kole was a real air-head. I'm not saying that to be mean, but she was as dumb as a doornail. Anyway, for those that don't know, the guy next to her is Jericho and he is MUTE! When he was a kid, his throat was slashed by an enemy of his father, which damaged his vocal cords to the extent that he is unable to speak. The best part of this whole thing is that Kole KNOWS that! They were teammates! She knows he's mute! Why the hell would she ask him why he couldn't talk!!! Imagine what poor Jericho must be thinking! Oh well, at least I thought it was funny.... My sense of humor is kind of strange though...


  1. LMAO! I'm going through your blog, laughing at older stuff you posted like Hawkman stalking Hawkgirl through windows and I stumble upon this jewel. I want Jericho to just start frantically using sign language.

  2. Oh man, this pic had me cracking up when I saw it again! "Why can't you talk?" SERIOUSLY!? No wonder Jericho is constantly going crazy! What a nimrod Kole was...

    On an unrelated note, how INSANE is it that I posted 115(!!!)times during Oct. 2008?!? I mean, I was in school at the time too! How the hell did I find the time to do THAT much work on the blog, plus do the whole school thing? Man, that's crazy!

  3. Haha Man she had to be the token idiot. How do you ask a MUTE why won't they talk to you?!

    RIGHT?! I saw that like "WTF was he doing?!" And you didn't even have people commenting, that's insane.

  4. Yeah, I'd def call Kole the token idiot. She didn't last very long either... I think she was on the team for like less than a year before she died during the original Crisis... Prob because she was so damn stupid... "Hey look, there's the Anti-Monitor! Maybe I can talk some sense to him!"

    Dude, seriously! I jumped feet first into this whole blogging thing, didn't I!? I'm gonna say that in the long run all that early posting paid off since I did wind up getting some sort of a following(like you!!! BWA-HAHAHAH!!!). But yeah, 115 posts in 31 days comes out to more then 3 posts(almost 4 actually)EVERY night! Although to be honest some of my early "reviews"(if they can even be called that!)were PRETTY slim! Like half a paragraph and done!

  5. Lol, man she's an idiot. The fact she's so stupid makes it surprising she didn't wind up in Grayson's bed...

    Haha, eh? I gotta say dude, paragraph or more that's still a hell of a lot of posts. I mean damn, you could recycle those reviews over and no one would know the difference, besides the year-long gaps haha.

  6. HA!!! If he didn't have Starfire keeping his bed warm at the time, you KNOW Kole would have been a member of the "Nightwing fan club"!

    Hmm, I could just re-post 'em and call 'em retro-reviews! ;-)

  7. Haha as if there aren't enough Nightwing Fan Club members walking around with his T-shirts on!

    Yep or Blast from the Past reviews, See dude, I'm the most helpful guy EVER :P

  8. "walking around with his T-shirts on" And absolutely nothing else!

    Man, if I was ever feeling SUPER lazy one day I'd totally do that! I mean most of the people who follow my blog now didn't follow it back in the day, so it'll be like it's new to them! :D

  9. ""walking around with his T-shirts on" And absolutely nothing else!" - Best reply ever!!!

    Yep, that's what I'd do, on days when ya wanna post stuff and don't feel like typing or have the time.

  10. Well it's Dick, what do you expect? :D

    I COULD clean up some of these older reviews too... You know, patch 'em up a bit. I mean back in the day there seemed to be little rhyme or reason to the way I did reviews. Some had scores, some didn't, some had two paragraphs, some didn't... It was all just SUCH a mess!

  11. Haha, good point. How can Dick and Bruce be such ladykillers and Tim is a stick in the mud?!

    Lol that's the best part. "Why does THIS review have a score and this one doesn't and their from the same day?!"

  12. That is SO true! Tim has had women CONSTANTLY throwing themselves at him, and he always turns them down. Either he's the perfect gentleman, or he's deep in the closet! :P Hell, there's a LOT of people out there who'd SWEAR Tim was gay. But I don't think DC has the balls to explore THAT type of story!

    HA!!! Ah yes... See, you look at the way I ran this blog back in the day and you HAVE to wonder how the hell it's still going strong today! I was a frigging mess! There was just no making sense of the way I posted things... At least now I have a system to go along with my fractured, rambling thoughts!

  13. Lol! Exactly! Hell, if Rose Wilson was hitting on me like she did to Tim that one night, it would've been a done deal. Haha, but I recall reading that Fabian said Tim would be testing the waters with the ladies this time around.

    A system you ALMOST fudged up :P I was gonna wait and see if you posted any Impulse on Monday and you BARELY made it, lol. That was great.

  14. Yeah, I remember reading a similar interview from Fabian, but he seemed reluctant to come right out and say that Tim would be losing his V Card anytime soon. But yeah, the thing with Rose, and the way he reacted to the deaths of Spoiler and Superboy were pretty telling! If EVER there was a closet gay character it's DEF Tim!

    HA! Yeah, I suck at keeping systems/features... I'll admit it! I mean jeez, look at the list of features I used to do but don't anymore! Sad... At least my reviews all follow the same format nowadays. Title, Review, What I Thought, Score. Back in the day I couldn't even get THAT right! :D

  15. Lol, I love that Tim could just be the posterboy for a closet gay character. I'm immediately reminded of him dressing up like a girl... oh Tim. When will you come outta the closet? Haha

    I've never realized what a simple format you have until you typed it out. Then I realized I have the exact same format except my review and what I thought are kinda mashed together.

  16. HA! See, the more I think about poor Tim, the more I can point to several scenes/times/situations where I begin to wonder about him!

    Yeah, where as I seperate my review from my thoughts, you mash 'em up, which is what I used to do. I'd mash 'em up as well... sometimes. Sometimes I'd mash 'em up, sometimes I'd put a score, sometimes I'd seperate the review from the thoughts... There was just NO method to my madness! Now though I have the skeleton for my posts saved on my computer so I can just plug stuff in with out even having to type Review, score, etc anymore.

  17. I bet the top one would be him and Superboy getting dressed in that closet right? Haha

    Exactly, I think it works better for mine since I don't do full reviews, and I don't do the ending, so if I did mine like yours the reviews would just look really short when i finished them.

  18. HA!!! Dude, I'd forgotten about that pic!!! There you go. After seeing that pic, there's nothing more that even needs to be said! :D

    Oh yeah, I totally understand that. I spoil the entire comic, while you strive to keep the key moments secret, so the way you do your reviews are EXACTLY how you should do 'em. I don't think you could use the Review/Thoughts format without including spoilers. If you did, like you said, the Review portion would be mega short.

  19. Haha, that was the main pic that made me think Tim may be playing for the other scene. Then how heart-broken he was when Connor died, then he way he turned down Rose, and kissed Cassie, just so he could be where Connor's lips had been...lmao.

    Yep, exactamundo. Meanwhile X, KING OF SPOILERS!!!! doesn't mind ruining the comic for EVERYONE once's he's read it. You should be ashamed of yourself. Even 2001 Stone Cold would be disappointed!!! :P

    For the record I said that SCSA line because Falisha and I watched Austin/Angle/RVD for the title from No Mercy 2001 tonight. Man, Austin was awesome..

  20. "kissed Cassie, just so he could be where Connor's lips had been" HA!!! I never thought of it like that! That's frigging awesome! :D Yeah, he has that whole, "Girls are icky!" thing going on. The only girl he ever seemed like he wanted to get intimate with was Cassie, and we ALL know why that was!

    Pfft, I make no bones about the fact that my reviews are full of spoilers! I hide nothing! I always felt that most of the people who read my reviews either have no intention of buying the reviewed comic and therefore want to read the spoilers, or already have and wanted to compare opinions. But that's how I am, so that's why I think like that.

    Huh, I don't remember that match at all. All I do know is that since it was 2001, there was NO way RVD won that match! He didn't get a big win in the E until like 2005 or 06 I think.

  21. Haha, that's him man! He loves him some Conner, World's Finest in his eyes... lol

    I was just bustin ya chops :P But yeah, I agree, that's why I read them, either to compare or to see what happened in a comic I don't plan on buying. Sometimes they sway me.

    Exactly! RVD had NO chance. The other big thing was Jericho beating Rock for his first ever World title that night in a great match we also watched. Hell if you can think of any other great matches with Rock or Austin that Falisha would enjoy let me know dude. She LOVES those two, as well as Angle, Jericho and pretty much any good match from 98 - 05

  22. "He loves him some Conner, World's Finest in his eyes..." HA!!! Poor Timmy... Always having to pretend he's someone he's not... :D

    EXACTLY! Hell, I was done with Gen Lost until you swayed me, and you didn't even put spoilers in your reviews! If you did have spoilers I'd probably buy every comic you do! :P

    Yeah, RVD didn't have a shot at beating any main event guys until like 05 or 06. And then he blew it all. Jeez, off-hand I can't think of any matches. Like any Rock match was awesome in my view, but I was(and still am!)a huge Rock mark, so yeah. I'll think on it, but I don't know if anything'll come to mind.

  23. Funny thing is I can see Bruce just giving Tim a weird look and walking away, meanwhile Alfred would embrace Tim, considering Alfred never has a woman or sex to my knowledge...

    Haha so in OTHER words, I'm just really really awesome. I like that explanation, I like it a fudging lot.

    Not a problem buddy, I think we may watch the one where Angle beat Rock for his first WWF Title, and maybe a few other good ones. I don't think we can go wrong with Rock, Angle, SCSA, or Jericho.