Thursday, October 23, 2008

Justice Society of America 19

Overall- Overall, if you call yourself a comic book fan and are not following this series, then you SHOULD be ashamed of yourself! Geoff Johns for my money is one of the few comic book writers who seem able to craft a great story every time out(Ed Brubaker is another).

This comic book from start to finish was almost perfect... Almost. The characters all reacted exactly as you would expect them to act. That's another thing about Johns, the way he KNOWS the characters he is writing about. With that knowledge, he is able to have the characters play off each other perfectly. The disagreement between Hawkman and the older guard, Alan, Jay and Ted was done to perfection.

Hawkman is fine with Gog's actions, including Gog's killing of the soldiers last issue, because as far as Hawkman is concerned, all Gog is really doing is preventing violence from occurring, by any means necessary. So if Gog kills a bunch of murdering, raping scumbags, so what?

The older guard come from the school of thought that killing is never right, especially for a being like Gog, who could have ended the confrontation in several ways that didn't result in the soldiers deaths. As the JSA splintered, Magog, the herald of Gog, sent the JSAers who didn't agree with Gog back home.

Upon arriving back home, they were met by Power Girl, who had finally escaped from Earth-2, but with the Justice Society Infinity chasing right behind her. Oh yeah, one of my favorite villains/anti-heroes Black Adam also showed up in a cameo, believing his dead wife is alive and sending him messages.

If not for the arrival of Power Girl and the JSI at the end of the issue, this comic would have been perfect. The Power Girl stuff, in my opinion, should have stayed on the back burners, since there is already enough going on with Gog. The Earth-2 stuff takes away from main story here, which is undeniably Gog. My overall score for this comic is easy, 9 out of 10!

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