Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wolverine 66

What?!?! A Marvel comic that isn't in some way, shape or form related to "Secret Invasion"???? I refuse to believe that!
Story- OK. This looks to be interesting. This story opens 50 years in the future. Apparently, the villains of the Marvel Universe wound up banding together, and killed practically all of the super heroes, conquering at least the U.S.A., as well as presumably the world. Wolverine survived the massacre, and became a pacifist, never again popping the claws.
He married and had two children. The Logan family live out on the West Coast of the U.S. The country has been divided up into 4 sections, with the Hulk, Kingpin, Doom and "the President" controlling each one. Wolvie and family are living on land controlled by the Hulk and his grandchildren. The Logan clan live a simple farming life, but wind up having trouble making ends meet, and can't make rent one month. This sends out three of the Hulk's grandchildren to collect.
Since Logan can't pay, they beat the tar out of him and tell him they expect their money next month. Logan awakens in his house where he is visited by a blind Clint Barton(!) who says that he needs Wolvie to help guide him to the East Coast, where Clint needs to deliver a package. Clint promises enough money to solve Wolvie's money troubles, so Logan reluctantly decides to leave his family and go with Clint on the cross country trip.

Overall- Interesting so far... I'm kind of a sucker for alternate dimension storylines, I LOVED the old What if... comics, so I'm more then willing to give this comic a fair shake. First off, before I say anything else, let me just scream one thing, WHY DOES CLINT BARTON ALWAYS END UP BLIND IN EVERY TALE ABOUT THE FUTURE!!!! Whew... Sorry I just had to get that out of my system... By my estimation, this is at least the third future story where Clint turns up blind(Last Avengers Story, Fantastic Four:Big Town, and Avengers Forever off the top of my head).
Anyway, let it be stated here that Hawkeye(Clint Barton) is one of my all time favorite comic book characters, and I'm happy to see him anywhere(even if he's blind again...). I got a kick hearing Clint mention his "ex-wives". I think Mockingbird was the only woman with the patience and ability to knock him on his a$$ when necessary to stick with Clint, so I could easily see him going through a mess of other wives after her death.
Mark Millar is the writer and Steve McNiven is the artist. I mention this because I really like Steve's pencils, and I usually like Mark's stuff, although, I'll always be a little pissed off about how he ended "Civil War"...
I think we all know Logan won't be a pacifist for long, especially in a world dominated by super villains and it should be interesting to see how and why he became a man of peace.
During the comic, they showed a map of the U.S., where many cities were renamed after various villains. I cracked up when I saw the city of Paste Pot Creek. How the hell did Paste Pot Pete manage to get a city named after him!!! One last thing, Logan's children are named Scotty and Jade. Would Logan really name his son after Cyclops???!!! I guess time really does heal all wounds...

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