Thursday, October 30, 2008

My rant against X-Men Legacy #214

Overall- What the hey I thought, why not start to catch up on this comic series, since I think I'm about 4 months behind. Now, to see if I remember what was going on in this comic...

MOTHER####ING SON OF A #####!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even begin to form words that make any sense right now... That's how incredibly pissed off I'm feeling....... I actually was enjoying the story told in this comic book, because Mr. Sinister has always been one of my favorite villains in all of comics...

His backstage manipulations have always intrigued me. He was always there, and conceivably always will be there. Even after his defeat at the hands of Xavier, Gambit and Shaw, I just sat back and shrugged, content in my knowledge that Mr. Sinister would inevitably be back. You can't keep a good bad guy down... UNLESS YOU TURN HIM INTO A WOMAN!!!!! The last page of this book angered me more than almost any single page I have ever read.

Why the #### is Sinister a female now????? Can ANYBODY explain what ####ing purpose this revelation serves?????? I'm at an absolute loss for words here. Well not really, I sure have a lot more profanity I feel like hurling around... Why does Marvel have this BIZARRE obsession with taking established characters and changing their sex? What the #### does "Miss" Sinister bring to the table that "Mr" Sinister didn't? I'll answer that one myself, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

I stopped reading the new Thor series when they decided that for some reason Loki needed to become a woman. WHY??? You know what, I know why, because about 85% of the writers and editors at Marvel Comics absolutely SUCK right now, that's why. They're too damn lazy to actually create a new, strong, female character. So, since most of these hacks have no creativity, they just take established characters and drastically change them. A female Loki... You've got to be ####ing kidding me...

Now I don't want to come across as some kind of crazed sexist, because that's not the point I'm trying to make. If Marvel took the Invisible Woman and changed her into the Invisible Man, or took Jean Grey and turned her into Jean-Paul Grey, I think I would go bat#### crazy!!!!! Here's some free advise to the lazy bastards at Marvel. Instead of changing your male characters into females or vice versa, why the #### don't you go out and create some NEW female characters!!!! I'm sure it can't be that difficult! You're predecessors have been able to do it for years.

Or better yet, if they just NEEDED a Miss Sinister, why not have her working WITH Mr. Sinister??? That's the thing that I appreciate about DC Comics. Batgirl can coexist with Batman. Batgirl isn't Bruce Wayne, suddenly in female form! The same goes for Supergirl. She is her OWN person! She isn't Clark Kent, suddenly transformed into a teenaged girl. She is Kara Zor-El. Why the #### can't Marvel figure this formula out? You want a female Loki, fine, but leave the original Loki the #### alone!!!!!! I hear that Marvel has a new female version of Bullseye called Lady Bullseye out there now. I'm totally fine with that, as long as the original Bullseye remains.

If there is a God up there, PLEASE FIRE JOE QUESADA! I can't take his jack### ideas anymore... This comic will officially go down as one of the few comic books that actually offended me after I read it... Needless to say X-Men #214, you get the distinction of being the first comic I've ever read that gets a 0 out of 10. You know what the worst thing is? I still have another 3 X-Men Legacy comics sitting here that I haven't read yet...............


  1. as someone said , Carey was outclaremonting Claremont. But when I think about it now what killed the franchise is that they rely too much on Xavier Magneto & Douchelops / Paris Diamond Hilton & spit on anything else.the Miss Sinister was just rising the middle finger again to Nathaniel Essex fans after Messiah complex. As a fan of Sinister ( he's a close 2nd to En Sabah Nur) I'm still disgusted, I have to step in & find a good story idea that will involve Maddie... & NO MISS SINISTER! & why do they keep drawing him as a goth prince? The guy is at least mid 30 with a goatee before his alteration!Nathaniel is fascinating, he's a Dr Faust who met Apocalypse as his Satan, condemning himself after accepting the deal, a confrontation would have been epic, just the fact Essex meeting again with the partner he betrayed for fearing the disasters Nur's plans could have caused! Of course in regular Marvel fashion, no writer took the chance to write the awesomeness that this dialogue could have been in epic debates or fights.So much Juicy potential & they throw in the garbage, why not try to make money while giving good stories? Anyway

  2. Goddamn was this a bad post... Shit... Anyway, I agree with you wholeheartedly here. I'm absolutely stunned that Marvel has allowed Carey to fuck this series up for like 60-70 issues now! That is just insane to me!! How the hell does a writer that bad get to stay on one of Marvel's X-books for so long... The Miss Sinister thing was just a travesty, because it made no sense... And agreed again with Sinister's look! He's NOT some goth 20-something, he's a refined scientist who, like you said, has to be at least in his mid-30's. There's SO much they COULD have done with Sinister and Apocalypse that they didn't. It's really depressing if you think about the shape of Apocalypse and Sinister now.