Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nightwing 40

Short form- Since I'm tired, I just finished an American history paper due tomorrow, I figured I'd read a quick Nightwing before calling it a night. Of course, the comic I pick up is one of the strangest of the series thus far.
Some 80 year old Nazis come to Bludhaven to try to kill an 80 old former hero by the name of the Tarantula... OOOOOOOK... Anyway, Nightwing defeats the Nazis, off panel mind you(then again, do I really need to see Dick beat up on some elderly Nazis?)and the 80 year old Tarantula tries to sell the story to a book publisher, but the publisher tells him no deal, because the publisher is apparently looking for a romance novel. That was the whole story. Seriously, I couldn't make this up on my best day! Now instead of getting a few hours of sleep before dragging myself to school, I'll be up pondering what I just read. 80 year old Nazis in walkers fighting old men in Bludhaven??? What the hell was that!!!

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