Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Uncanny X-men #500

Overall- Hmmm... I really hate the X-Men... Not the comic, but the team. I truly hate the way Cyclops has been written as of late. He isn't Scott Summers anymore... I don't know what he is now. The Cyclops I know doesn't crack jokes and parade the fact that he is a mutant around for all to know. Cyclops is a sullen, angst-ridden leader, who is competent, but stone cold serious.

This comic was all wrong to me! Nobody behaved in the way I'd expect them to. Well, except for Magneto. Am I a bad person for rooting Mags on during the battle? I wanted him to just wipe the floor with these so called "X-Men". I wanted him to maim and kill them. Naturally he lost, as per usual, but it was such a thrill to witness Magneto back again at the height of his abilities.

I can tell these next few issues of Uncanny are going to be funny, because I'm going to be rooting hard for the bad guy's to kill these "X-Men". As far as I am concerned, all the current X-Men are Skrulls, and the real X-Men are just sitting around waiting to come back.

As I said before, I will never stop collecting Marvel Comics. I just can't. When you love something, no matter what it does to you, you just can't let it go. That's me. I just can't stop reading these comics, because it is my real hope that things will go back to normal again and I want to be there for that day.

This comic, with the exception of the Magneto battle and his alliance with the High Evolutionary, really disappointed me. I really was hoping for something much bigger in issue 500 then what was here. You know, maybe a Jean Grey resurrection??? I've been really patient, but it's time. Bring back Jean dammit! Issue #500 would have been the perfect time to do it, but alas, it was not to be... Oh well, opportunity lost. To me this issue was only a 4 out of 10, and that was only thanks to Mags showing up. The rest really sucked.

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