Friday, October 31, 2008

Nightwing #64

How can I end my night without reading at least one Nightwing?
Overall- Awww. A heart warming Christmas tale. Unfortunately, it really didn't do much for me. I know Chuck Dixon wanted to write a nice uplifting Christmas story, but in light of the stuff Dick was going through in the past issues, I would have much rather to have seen that continued, as opposed to a mushy holiday story.

Oh well. The story was alright, even though Dick solved the "impossible" case just in the nick of time to save a little girl and her father. A Christmas miracle I guess. My favorite part of this comic was actually the cover. I loved this cover.

The blurb for the next issue says that once again, Nightwing is going to be involved in yet another Batman crossover, this time "Bruce Wayne:Murderer". Naturally, the only parts of this crossover I have are the Nightwing ones, so I can see already, I'll have no idea what's going on. Boy, DC was sure pumping out the crossovers back in the early 2000's! As for scoring this comic, I'll give it a 5 1/2 out of 10.

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