Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flash 245

Story- Some members of the JLA/JSA, Black Lightning, Red Arrow, Red Tornado and Dr. Midnite, meet with Flash in an attempt to figure out what has caused his powers to decrease dramatically.
While the tests go on, we are treated to many flashbacks(heh, "Flash"backs), detailing Wally's growth from a Teen Titan to his becoming his own man. The tests come back to reveal that Wally can no longer safely push himself past Mach 1.
Without further testing however, the experts won't be able to figure out why this is occurring to Wally. Wally is visited by Raven, which brings on more flashbacks. After Raven leaves, Wally shares a romantic interlude with his wife Linda.
After Wally leaves, Linda is attacked by the same swarm of poisonous bees from the last issue. Flash arrives back at the house and tries to disperse the bee's, but has trouble with the sheer numbers of the bees, that is until Black Lightning arrives to help him kill off the remaining little pests.
Wally finds Linda hiding in a closet, covered with stings, and barley breathing. At the end of the issue, we discover it was the Queen Bee who was responsible for the attack. She had gained possession of a device that could channel speed energy, increasing the speed of an object or removing the speed altogether. Queen Bee envisions whole cities frozen in time ripe for her to attack.
Unfortunately for Queen Bee, the device is unpredictable and needs an extraordinary individual to harness it's powers. The issue closes with Wally running to his children, who were being watched by Jay Garrick and wife, to ominously tell them "Something's happened."

Overall- This story is moving along rather nicely, with us now knowing that it is indeed the Queen Bee who was behind the thefts last issue and the attacks this issue. Apparently, Flash's daughter Iris might be the conduit Queen Bee is searching for to power her machine. All of Wally's flashbacks seem to be leading up to something very bad... You know how they say before you die, your life flashes before your eyes? Well, this seems to be happening to Wally in comic book form... I really am hoping that Wally emerges from the events of "Final Crisis" unscathed, but this just seems to be becoming more and more unlikely. Hopefully, DC is making it really obvious that something bad is in store for Wally as a red herring, and in the end, everything will turn out alright..... I hope.

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