Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wolverine 67

Story- We see Clint and Logan crossing the seemly lawless country in the old Spider Buggie, as they continue their trek eastward to New Babylon with Clint's mysterious merchandise. Upon arriving in what was San Francisco, they discover Mole Man's old Moloids, who have apparently begun to eat people to thin out the human race.
While investigating the Moloid situation, and looking for survivors, they are attacked by "Ghost Riders", a bunch of punks riding flaming motorcycles. The Riders take out Clint quickly figuring he's no threat being blind and all, and focus their attack on Logan. They tear into Wolvie with chains and bats, but Logan clings to his pacifist views and refuses to fight back. Even blind, Clint is still the world's greatest archer and kills all 4 Ghost Riders in a hail of arrows, by following the sounds of their voices.
Clint admits to Logan that he is pissed that he didn't defend himself, but Logan explains that whatever happened those 50 years ago completely broke him and he could never fight again. The duo next arrive in what was Las Vegas, the site of where Magneto and the Absorbing Man killed Thor. Thor's hammer still sits ominously on the ground where the God of Thunder fell. Las Vegas is a big tourist attraction and falls under the jurisdiction of the Kingpin.
While passing through, Clint is stopped by Ultron 8(!), who informs him he should go speak with his ex-wife and that it is urgent. Clint meets ex-wife #3, who turns out to be Peter Parker's youngest daughter. She informs Clint that their daughter, along with three others, attempted to rebel against the Kingpin, but were caught and were to be executed the following day, leaving Clint and Logan with the problem of what to do...

Overall- So far, I like this story. We are slowly getting bits and pieces as to what happened to the heroes all those years ago, and now Logan is faced with the prospect of breaking his pacifist vows in order to help spring Clint's daughter.
There is still a lot of information that is lacking, but I think that Mark Millar is deliberately holding back this info, so everything can be revealed during the big climax at the end of the storyline, which is fine by me.
It was interesting to watch the crazed berserker Logan lay there and get pummeled by the Ghost Rider's, while Clint, who was always a strict backer of the Avengers no killing policy, had no qualms with killing everyone of the Riders.
One very minor complaint though, Clint should be about 75-80 years old here, but he looks to be the same age as Logan. I thought Logan's healing factor was supposed to keep him looking younger, so Logan should look much younger then Clint. Other then that, I am seriously looking forward to watching the rest of this story unfold.

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