Sunday, October 12, 2008

Young Justice...

I was just sifting through some of my comics today organizing, or more appropriately, unsuccessfully trying to organize my books, when I came across my Young Justice collection. I really miss this series! After flipping through a few issues (which explains why I didn't get very far in organizing things!), I was filled with a sense of sadness. The team dynamic was just so good! Everybody fit together so well, which is no surprise considering one the greatest comic writers of all time, Peter David wrote it. Each character had a set role and they filled it well. No character was really there for no reason. Looking through these issues just made me realize how much I miss the characters of Bart Allen and Superboy though. I think I said enough on Bart's passing, but Superboy was a pretty well entrenched character in the DC universe and I wouldn't mind seeing him pop up somewhere again. Granted, he died the type of death that was acceptable by comic book standards (saving the universe), but I can't help but think that he should be somewhere in the DC universe, throw him with the Legion of Super-Heroes, that would add an interesting twist, much like it did when Supergirl showed up in those books. Anyway, I figured I'd just write this up in the hope that some one else discovers these great comics.

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