Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nightwing #52

I kind of figured maybe I should try to get back to reading these Nightwing's again, you know, since I have like 100 still to go before I'm up to date!!!!

Overall-As usual, I liked this comic. I could just cut and paste that over and over again, because it's almost always true. This was, believe it or not, the first time I read a comic with Catwoman as one of the main characters in the story... I liked her a lot!

I really liked her crazy dream about marrying Bats, it made me laugh, because not only in the dream was Bats of course wearing his cowl, but she was masked too!!! I guess she sees herself more as Catwoman then Selina Kyle. Anyway, since this is Nightwing's book, she heads down to Bludhaven, to steal a diamond, and low and behold, runs into Nightwing, who was expecting a different thief then Catwoman.

After a group of thieves arrive to pinch the diamond, they decide to team up, since Nightwing wants nobody to steal the diamond, and Catwoman wants it for herself. Naturally, since Dick Grayson IS Dick Grayson, he and Selina share a steamy kiss, while they wait to make their move on the other diamond thieves.

In the end, Cats and Dick take out the wannabe thieves and Nightwing keeps Cats from getting her claws on the diamond. I personally would like to see a lot more of Selina in this comic, but since she had her own comic at this time(I think...) I guess that seems unlikely. 7 out of 10, thanks to Dick and Selina's great chemistry.

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