Thursday, October 23, 2008

Secret Six: Six Degrees to Devestation.

I think I'll change the way I do my comic reviews, starting with this one on. Not that it matters, because the only person who will ever see this is probably me!!!

Overall- I read this comic right after taking a history midterm. Heh, midterms in October, you gotta love college! Hopefully I don't mix up this TPB with my early American History stuff...

I like this team a lot. I like the way Gail Simone writes about each one. Every character had there own chance to shine here, and that's what I really like about her writing style. No one character is relegated to the background. Catman, as the leader of the team, gets a good amount of face time, but all the other characters also have their moments where we get to see what they are made of. We even find out that Deadshot isn't the universal scumbag he seems to be, thanks to getting a chance to watch him interact with his daughter.

I can't help but get a kick out of Ragdoll... He may just be the weirdest character in either Marvel or DC. One thing that I didn't care for was the addition of the Mad Hatter to the team. I don't like him at all. There isn't much more then that to say. I was very happy when Ragdoll threw him(literally) off the team.

I liked the interaction between Catman and Cheshire, who apparently got her way and became pregnant by Catman during the Villains United mini. Deadshot was still Deadshot, the jerk of the team, and I always liked Knockout, from back in her days in Superboy's comic.

The stuff with Vandal and Scandal Savage, wasn't the best I had ever read, because since when is Vandal suicidal? I thought his whole gimmick was that he's been alive forever, and wants to make sure it stays that way. Why would he want Scandal to have a son for the sole purpose of killing him? That didn't really, make sense, but I guess we needed a strong antagonist for the series, and Vandal was chosen to be that guy. Pretty much, I liked the Secret Six team, more then I liked the story in this comic. On that merit alone, I'd give this mini-series a 7 out of 10.

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