Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Uncanny X-men #503

After this issue, I'm FINALLY caught up with this series!

Overall- What!!! Did somebody actually remember that Sam Guthrie had a brother who was brutally murdered practically right under the X-Men's noses?!?! I was always a fan of the Guthrie clan and Jay Guthrie's death still pisses me off to no end. His death served no purpose what so ever. It didn't help do anything. I'm so glad to see Sam actually you know, acknowledge it. For God's sake, if my own flesh and blood brother was murdered, I think I flip out completely. Sam practically raised Jay, thanks to their father dying and Sam didn't seem bothered at all by Jay's murder. On the contrary, the x-comics acted like everything was business as usual. It's about time Sam shows some emotion for his slain brother... It only took about 3 years...

So, the X-Men, or more specifically Pixie, took down the rampaging Empath. The X-Men winning battles does not please me. Wow, I sound like Magneto now. I'm fine with Pixie on the team, but there were tons of better students at the old Academy then her to take up a spot on this team. You know, like the kid I just mentioned, Jay Guthrie? Or better yet, how about Laurie Collins? Oh yeah, that's right, she was also killed for no ####ING GOOD REASON!!! Woooo. Calm down buddy... Ok, I'm back. We also find out that it seems that it is Madelyne Pryor who is the Red Queen.

I'm completely fine with this decision(I'd have preferred Jean, but Maddie's close enough), and I hope she kills Emma off and then beats Scott to death with her bare hands. I'm just really glad the Red Queen didn't turn out to be another Emma Frost. I couldn't have handled that... Since Maddie is back, I'll be ultra nice and give this issue a 7 out of 10.

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