Monday, October 13, 2008

X-Factor 35

Story- After the events of the prior issues of X-factor, the gang is looking into the shooting of Darwin's father and Darwin's subsequent disappearance. Darwin has apparently been kidnapped by people from the "Karma Project", who seem to be using him in some kind of strange experiments. While all this is occurring, back at the X-Factor investigations office, Longshot arrives, who String Guy immediately assumes is the fake skrull Loingshot from the past issues. After Longshot establishes to SG he isn't a skrull, SG takes him to see Maddrox at the bedside of Darwin's father. Longshot utilizing his ability to read objects, can see what happened to Darwin and his father after their reunion. Darwin was sold out by his old man, for a half a million, but instead was given a bullet to the head as payment instead. Longshot is able to see the licence plate of the van that abducted Darwin, giving X-Factor their first lead in the shooting, as well as setting up the next issue.

Overall- As I've said repeatedly before, and will probably say several more times in the future, I have now and will hopefully forever love the work of Peter David. He always writes a very well thought out and compelling story and usually provides for at least one laugh out loud moment. I had a good chuckle when Longshot, who was always kind of childlike and oblivious, asked Strong Guy what a "slut" was. Strong Guy replied "Ask She-Hulk." When Longshot said in his innocent way that when he next saw her he would, Strong Guy retorted "On second thiught don't ask her." HA!! Anyone who has read Shulkie's comic will definitely get that one. Anyway, as usual, my advice is if it's written by Peter David, READ IT!

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