Thursday, October 23, 2008

Secret Six #2

Overall- OK, this issue, like I'd hoped, was a little better then the last. I still don't think this comic is anywhere as good as it could potentially get, but we are moving in an upward motion.

Most of this issue deals with Catman and Batman fighting in Gotham, while the other four members of the team make their move to break Tarantula out of prison and escort her to Gotham. Batman tries to convince Catman to call off the jail break, telling Catman that if his team successfully breaks Tarantula out, a mystery villain named Junior will place a 10 million dollar bounty on the heads of each member of the Six.

Tarantula has a card of some kind that apparently certain villains really want. As for the two main parts of the story, I get that Catman isn't the F-level joke he used to be, but I thought it was a little far fetched that he was able to fight Batman to a relative standstill. No matter what, it is BATMAN, and when it comes to fighting hand to hand, he is probably one of the top 5 fighters in either the DC or Marvel Universes.

I get trying to put Catman over as a tough guy, but, and let me stress that I like Catman, I think Bats should have been able to take him easily... As for the breakout, I was OK with it, although if Bane doesn't use Venom anymore, isn't he just a powerless brawler? I was happy with this issue and will be looking forward to seeing what the next issue has in store. I'd give this comic a 6 out of 10, but I know it can still get much better.

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