Thursday, October 30, 2008

X-Men Legacy #216

Overall- Once again I find it difficult to put the anger I have at this comic book into words. I guess I've always been wrong. Let me explain something right now. Amongst my collection of comic books, I would estimate that I have about almost 90% of all the Uncanny X-Men, X-Men and Astonishing X-Men titles that have ever come out. I have everyone of these comics, with no holes, dating back to 1990. I've spent a lot of time and money, acquiring and reading these comics. I also have, and have read every one of the Essential X-Men comics that have ever come out. So, I think I would be a pretty good expert on a lot of the occurrences that have occurred in the X-Universe.

Prof. Charles Xavier always did what was necessary for the good of the X-Men. Did he screw up sometimes? Of course he did, that's life. Did he engage in some questionable behavior? Once again, of course he did. Now for the kicker. Prof. X was NEVER a villain. You can argue Onslaught to me if you want, but that was.....complicated.

Emma Frost was a villain to the highest degree. She used her powers to gain a fortune, then to gain a place in the Hellfire Club. Emma would constantly destroy the minds of any underling that she felt failed her, as well as attempting to kill the X-Men on numerous occasions. Emma Frost was an evil, cold hearted VILLAIN.

For this comic book to have the audacity to act as if Prof. X was the one playing God, while nothing is mentioned about Emma's sorted past is ludicrous! I don't even know what else to say here... There really isn't anything left I guess... I don't know why Prof. X is being dragged through the mud, while the real villain is living free and clear with the X-Men...

I'm telling you, if only Jean Grey would return and just slaughter Emma Frost, I would die a happy man. As for this particular comic, I can't in good conscience give it any better then a 2 out of 10, and that's even a stretch. Imagine, Emma Frost being judgemental towards Charles Xavier!!! Unbelievable...

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  1. God sometimes I wish Prof X died at the end of Onslaught, at least OZT could actually move forward & not retread in the same tired tropes, now I'd kill for him to turn into Onslaught again, just to pimpslap douchelops. I always thought that entity was the summation of his dark impulses & if you see his past , it's actually understandable , he had a bully for a brother, disastruous love relationships, a hidden son that was broken & he had to mindwipe his best friend! Goddammit, Death is really teasing Charles at this point (no I'll never recognise Cassandra Nova as existing, thatPOS can stay in the sewer it was flushed into,thanks...)

    About Emma Frost, The real Emma is gone the moment gen X ended... people that followed Moronson's wretched insult of a "take" on her so of course they conviniently forget the past ( you know the one where she's an amoral business woman with an older sister who is an immoral one)
    AS a villain , Emma belonged in the Nautral evil category much like Shaw , meaning they confronted the x-men when power is to be acquired or the heroes have something the club desires! other than that , they're like " the x-men? whatever...". When she reformed she was in between Mystique (a psycho judas who is far more dangerous) & Gambit (while nice most of the time , he is devious , vindictive & doesn't hesitate to let you die if you 're in his shit list. check out the Nicieza run , I swear X , it's comic gold & it's the definitive Remy LeBeau), Emma was still amoral yet was deliciously subtle, she's the kind of person that talks in a really calm & polite way but always hides her cards & never reveals your part in her game. The pairing with Scott was fabricated By Moronson to shock the fans, besides don't you find weird that Cable, the Askani , Sinister & Maddie were never mentionned in a run that supposedly "deconstructed" Scott & Jean's relationship? Hell they even called Apocalypse an evil spirit, THE FUCK WAS UP WITH THAT!?
    I f the characters are such hypocrites, what does it say about the writers who keep telling it's heroism? food for thought isn't it?