Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally Final Crisis!

This is it, I can't wait any longer! Tonight I start to read the Final Crisis series! I've heard a lot of conflicting things about this series, I know Martian Manhunter gets killed, I hear Barry Allen makes his return and apparently, Darkseid is the major bad guy of the series. Other then that, I don't know much. I'm an expert at ducking spoilers, so hopefully there are a lot of surprises in store for me in these first 4 issues.

Once I finish the 4 Final Crisis comics, I'll probably move onto the offshoots like Revelations, Legion of Three Worlds, Requium, and whatever else I have laying around my place. I've brought so many FC related things, that I don't even know what exactly I have!

That's me in a nutshell though. I'll buy a bunch of comics, then put them someplace, and start reading something else. I actually have every one of the Trinity comics, which number about maybe 21 or so, but I haven't read any single one of them yet! I have this terrible habit of buying comics, then letting them sit around for several months on end, before eventually getting to them.

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