Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Final Crisis, Rogues' Revenge 3

Story- The Rogues' manage to find a device created by the Top, which is able to locate any vibrational anomalies. In other words, it manages to find speedsters, which would include the target of the Rogues', Inertia. They find him, but are surprised to see him with Zoom.
The Rogues' decide that they will still fulfill their promise to kill Inertia, regardless of Zoom being there. Zoom attacks the Rogues' on sight, mainly due to the fact that he considers all of them to be a waste of Flash's(Wally West) time. Before Zoom can kill any of the Rogues', the Pied Piper steps in and helps his one time Rogue teammates, only because he wanted to avoid anymore killing.
The Pied Piper manages to immobilize everyone there, until he is stabbed in the back of the shoulder by the recently arrived Libra. Libra stands there holding the infant son of the Weather Wizard. Libra makes a pitch to the Rogues, basically telling them to join up with him and his forces or Weather Wizard's son would pay the price in blood.
Before the Weather Wizard can make his decision, Inertia attacks Libra, hitting him with a sonic boom. After that, the baby is gone... To where? That isn't really explained... Inertia, seemingly goes completely insane, and begins to call himself Kid Zoom. He bludgeons Libra, but is stopped before he kills Libra by Zoom, who was still working with Libra and therefore didn't want Libra dead.
In response, Kid Zoom, steals Zoom's powers completely, leaving Zoom as paralyzed Hunter Zoloman once again. Kid Zoom then decides to kill the Rogues, and proceeds to attack them. His rampage is halted by the still recovering Pied Piper, who uses his flute to freeze Kid Zoom in place. While Kid Zoom is immobile, all the Rogues focus their weapons on him and blast him, killing him in the same manner they killed Bart Allen.
The Pied Piper is horrified that he was once again an accessory to a murder committed by the Rogues. Libra, who watched the entire situation, offers the Rogues a spot on his evil society. Libra also tells the Rogues that the original Flash has returned to life and he needs them to stop him. The Rogues turn him down and leave, feeling that Libra's schemes could never succeed.
The Rogues drop Kid Zoom's body off at the Keystone City PD, with the message "Tell the Flash we're even", apparently hoping that Flash will get off their case for killing Bart, since it was Inertia/Kid Zoom who orchestrated Bart's murder.
The Pied Piper ends up turning himself over to the Central City PD, muttering about the end of the world.
The Rogues retreat to a hideout and decide that if Barry Allen is indeed back, they can't retire, which was their original plan after killing Inertia. The Rogues figure that once Barry learns they were responsible for the death of Kid Flash(Bart Allen), he wouldn't rest until they were all caught.

Overall- I put some unfairly high expectations on this mini-series, so I was naturally let down in the end... I guess it would be fair to say that in the DC universe, the Flash line of comics would have to be my favorite, since Marvel doesn't really have an answer to Flash(if someone says Quicksilver, I'll burst out laughing).
Bart Allen was my favorite Flash, since it was the Young Justice/Impulse comic books that really turned me into DC comics fan. I guess I was kind of hoping for more in this mini-series, possibly even Bart's resurrection...
I was kind of exited by the concept of a Kid Zoom, who would be a great enemy to both Flash and the Teen Titans, and was very, very disappointed by his death. I always thought Inertia was a great villain, dating back to his early appearances in "Impulse".
I was also disturbed by the fact that Zoom was de-powered by the end of this mini-series... The part with Zoom really filled me with dread, because everything seems to be leading to Barry Allen replacing Wally West(my second favorite Flash) as the "main" Flash.
Zoom was Wally's most personal foe, and has no attachment what so ever to Barry. Getting rid of Wally's arch enemy(Zoom)has me really beginning to worry about what fate DC has planned for Wally at the end of "Final Crisis"...
Overall, I liked, this series, but couldn't shake the feeling that these comics only served to eliminate any villains not connected to the returning Barry Allen...

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