Monday, October 13, 2008

"He Loves You" X-Factor 33-34, She-Hulk 31

Story- She-Hulk and her travelling Skrull companion, Jazinda, have just realized that a Skrull invasion of the Earth is imminent. The Skrull's invading the Earth are religious zealots and often times send their high priest, Talisman, to a planet they intend to invade, as a way to garner the blessing from their God. The Talisman is in Detroit, with a mutant named Darwin(from one of my all time favorite mini-series, Deadly Genesis), who the Talisman believes could be useful to the impending Skrull Invasion. The Talisman has taken the shape of former X-Man Longshot to earn Darwin's trust, since Darwin was a one time X-Man.
To complicate matters, Darwin's long estranged father, has hired X-Factor investigations to find his son. So, naturally, Jazinda and She-Hulk, confront "Longshot" just as X-Factor finds Darwin. X-Factor sees Shulkie and Jazinda attacking "Longshot" and step in to help defend him, giving us our obligatory "super-heroes fight over a misunderstanding" moment. In time, the heroes realize that they should all be on the same side and that "Longshot" is actually the Talisman, which leads to them all attacking the Talisman. Bad move, as the Talisman is powered by his belief in his own righteousness, and he mops the floor with all of them, that is until Darwin is convinced by Monet, whom he has a huge crush on to defeat the Talisman. Darwin is now able to stand up to the Talisman thanks to Monet's words, which shakes the Tailsman conviction in himself long enough for him to be defeated by She-Hulk. She-Hulk and Jazinda take the Talisman with them, hoping his absence will be enough to shake the religious convictions of the Skrull's and ruin their invasion, while leaving X-Factor with Darwin.

Overall-It's written by Peter David, right? So that means an automatic two thumbs up from me! Seriously though, my fanboyish love for Peter David's work aside, these issues were OK, BUT, I'm just not really enjoying the whole Secret Invasion storyline period. Therefore, I didn't really enjoy these issues as much as I usually enjoy the constantly stellar work from Mr. David. The issues were worth a read, but were tainted for me at least by the unwarranted and unwanted inclusion of the Secret Invasion stuff.

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