Friday, October 31, 2008

Final Crisis #4

Overall- This issue deals with the after effects of the anti-life equation being unleashed upon the Earth. The unaffected heroes have banded together in 6 different locations, but can barely communicate with each other thanks to the fact that the anti-life equation is being carried by electronic waves. In other words, watch TV, go online, listen to the radio and you become affected.

There was a great scene with Green Arrow trying to fight off the herds of Darkseid's shock troopers, while calling them, "dog-ridin' totalitarian @$$####$!" Ah, Ollie, always the master politician! Unfortunately, Ollie was captured as were many heroes in this issue.

The other big revelation was that Darkseid has finally returned, taking over the human body he was hidden in and has decided on a never ending holocaust against humanity. Yep, so in this issue, things were looking at their bleakest. The heroes were scattered and losing ground, most of humanity has been brainwashed by the anti-life equation into serving Darkseid, and many heroes, including Black Lightning, Wonder Woman and apparently Green Arrow have been brainwashed into joining Darkseid's forces.

On the plus side, it was GREAT to see the Ray having a (semi)major role in things this issue, as well as the Alan Scott Green Lantern, becoming such a strong leader. I always liked Alan, and am pleased to see him assuming the mantle of power. He's been around for such a long time and it's nice to see him using his massive amount of experience to try to rally the troops. Now, with the resurrection of Darkseid, it will be very interesting to see how the heroes manage to pull this one out!


  1. What score would you give this book? It seems like it has been such a controversial issue.

    If you like Alan Scott, may I suggest Justice Society #19, which just came out last month? It has some great moments with him standing up for what's right (and looking totally awesome doing it). The more I investigate the character and his powers, the more I find out how cool he can be.

  2. I've been trying to hold off from scoring the main Final Crisis comics individually, because there is still so much I don't get about the story!

    It's hard to put a score on something I'm at times SO confused about... I figure at the end of the entire series, I'd just do an overall score.

    However, if I had to score it I'd probably give this comic somewhere between a 6 and a 7, because, while it was still kind of confusing, I did feel the story was finally starting to come together.

    Darkseid FINALLY showing up helped out alot I think. It's kind of funny, that Darkseid is the main villain in the crossover, and he doesn't show up until more then half the series is over!

    As for Justice Society, not even the anti-life equation itself could keep me from reading that comic every month! I think I gave #19 something like a 9 or 9 1/2 because it was so great! I loved the confrontation between Hawkman and the old guard(Alan, Jay & Ted)!

    JSA is probably the comic I look the most forward to every month. Geoff Johns is an amazing writer, who really brings out the best in every character he writes about!