Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nightwing #60

Overall- OK, Officer Grayson finally gets himself a full badge, and is now officially a cop in Bludhaven. So, who does he end up with as a partner? None other then the Sgt. who was training him, Amy.

Amy invites him to dinner, which freaks Dick out because he and Babs are dating now. Sgt. Amy pulls rank on him and "orders" him to stop by her place later on. Dick tells Babs, who gives him the OK to go, but to remember who he was dating... Over at Sgt. Amy's, Dick discovers she not only has kids, but a husband as well. Relieved, Dick spends time with Amy and family, before taking off.

The next day, Sgt. Amy tests Dick to see if he's dirty, and after being satisfied that he wasn't invites him to join a secret cabal of clean cops in Bludhaven. Ha! The clean cops are so few that they have to hold secret meetings in churches! I love Bludhaven! Anyway, Dick happily accepts the invitation to join the clean cops, who are secretly putting evidence together to hand over to the feds.

I liked this development. I thought it was awfully convenient that one of the few clean cops in Bludhaven hook up with Dick, but whatever, it advances the storyline, so I'm happy. Another good issue, another 7 out of 10.

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