Thursday, February 12, 2009

An explanation would be really nice...

I'm still kind of stunned/pissed off after reading issue #50 of The Legion of Super-Heroes(you can read my thought here, if you haven't read it already). I just figured I'd ask anyone who reads this blog to let me know if they know why Jim Shooter didn't finish his work on this comic series.

I read an article from Newsarama here, and in this article it plainly states that Jim Shooter had every intention at the time, of writing the final issue of this series. If any one can help shed some light as to what the hell DC did here and why they did it, I'd be really appreciative. Thus far, I can't find any explanation for the bizarre way this great series came to a screeching halt. Like I said, I'd appreciate anyone who can shed some light onto why this series ended in the manner it did... Damn DC, first the Final Crisis debacle, and now this...


  1. Sadly this book's less than stellar end was a case of reboot o'clock for the Legion.

  2. I don't get how DC expects to build a fanbase for the Legion if they are constantly rebooting the characters/situations... For the Legion to succeed, all they need is some real support from DC, and a stable writing/art team.

    Even a day later, I'm still confounded as to why Jim Shooter(who was doing a good job as writer)wasn't the writer who closed out this series... There have to be like 7 different plotlines still dangling as this series ended. I personally would have appreciated SOME sense of closure here. I guess that would be asking too much!

  3. In truth, Shooter was the writer for #50... he used the pseudonym of Justin Thyme for that, exaclty because he didn't agree with endint LoSH on issue 50.

  4. I have to admit that hearing Shooter wrote LoSH #50 is a bit of a surprise Vinnie. I know Jim was pissed that DC was cancelling LoSH before he was able to wrap up his story(I remember reading somewhere that Jim wanted to finish up at issue #54), but what I can't understand is why he would write this issue and leave so many plot-threads still hanging... It's almost unbelievable to think that Jim was the guy who wrote #50. Hearing that Jim wrote this issue just totally blows my mind.