Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blame Starman.

Lately, the volume of stuff I've been posting to this blog has diminished slightly. No, I'm not getting lazy with my blog, it's those blasted Starman tpb's that have been monopolizing all of my free time. For example, instead of reading and then posting a review on something more recent, I'll be posting some pics from my collection and then happily picking up my Starman trades and losing myself in them.

I think I'll refrain from posting reviews on the single Starman tpb's, and I'll just write up one massive post for when I finish up the entire series. I don't know if there was another comic series from the 1990's that was as well thought out and written as Starman was. This series is rapidly working it's way up my list of all-time favorites. Anyway, enough posting, it's time to get back to my Starman comics!

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