Sunday, February 22, 2009

Damn You Hamlet!!!

I had intended to read/post a few more new comic reviews tonight, but it just dawned on me that I still have to finish reading "Hamlet" for my Literature class tomorrow morning. Oh well, instead of some more comic reviews, here are a few random pictures. Enjoy!
If you can make out what Radioactive Man is saying, you'll totally understand the looks the cops are giving each other.

Ah yes, my all-time favorite comic book character, Nate Grey, X-Man... You know, sadly, this was pretty much how all of Nate's adventures would wind up. Nate gets trapped somehow, then Nate would escape, then Nate would lash out at whatever was around him, friend or foe... Oh Nate, you deserved MUCH better writing and a MUCH better fate.Um, I guess this is an example of the dangers of binge drinking... Come on Superboy, you should know better! Damn bossy robots...And finally, if I don't finish reading "Hamlet", I may find myself in a similar predicament!

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