Sunday, February 1, 2009

Last man in line...

All over the Internet, people are posting their reaction/comments regarding Final Crisis #7... Well, everybody except for me that is! So far, I've managed to avoid potential spoilers, but since I won't be receiving/reading FC #7 until the end of this week, I've got a bad feeling that I'll eventually read something spoilerific. It really sucks living in a place where there aren't any comic book shops... It's kind of tough traveling to different websites now, because I've got that crazy, paranoid feeling that where ever I go there are going to be FC #7 spoilers. By the time I finally do read FC #7, I'm going to have a lot of website reading to catch up on. Oh well, the wait will just make reading this comic even better, right?


  1. Without spoiling anything X-Man, I read both FCs 6&7 this weekend, and I wished I'd stopped at 5.

  2. HA! Well, with Grant Morrison writing this series, I figured it was either going to be incredibly good, or unbelievably bad... While I've been trying to avoid spoilers(so far successfully!), I have run into a few sites that make reference to FC #7. Before clicking the back button on my browser, I'll usually see the word, "WHAT"(or something to that regard), in big letters...

    The fact that most people seem baffled(or enraged)by FC #7, actually makes me want to read it that much more! Due to my(slightly)limited knowledge of the DC Universe, as well as the fact that Grant usually leaves me confounded after reading most of his writing, I get the feeling that after I(finally)read FC #7, I should wind up thoroughly confused. Hell, since I BARELY understood what was happening during issues 1-6, #7 should totally blow my mind!