Monday, February 16, 2009

Faces of Evil: Kobra #1

Overall- One of the problems about not growing up as a fan of DC comics is that there are still a few obscure characters that I really have no idea about... I can only recall reading one thing involving Kobra, and that was the "Flash" comic books where Kobra wanted to destroy Keystone City, or some such super-villain shenanigans. Flash, Max Mercury, JSA Flash, Jesse Quick(Liberty Belle)and Impulse wound up defeating Kobra that day.

Since then, I can't say I recall reading anything about Kobra. For the most part, this comic wanted to set-up a new Kobra(the twin brother of the original Kobra(?))as a sneaky villain who would strike through terrorist activities at the heroes of the DCU, before disappearing back into the shadows. I like the premise, but there is no way I can even begin to explain the convoluted story about the two Kobra's and Kali Yuga(what ever that is). What I took from this comic book was that the new Kobra won't be working with a large group of henchmen like the old Kobra did, but will be operating almost solo, along with a few fanatics who are willing to take their own lives when told to.

Overall, like I said, I really don't know much about the earlier version(s) of Kobra and this issue did little to explain who/what the old Kobra was all about. Ignoring the stuff I didn't understand though, this was an OK story, deserving of a score of 5 1/2 out of 10. I'll probably do some research into the earlier Kobra now, in order to gain a better understanding of who/what he was.


  1. To be honest with you, I wouldn't bother looking into the old stuff. Kobra has been this villain that's been in and out over the years, but really . . he's mainly been a joke. As have a lot of the older DC villains. Which, I think, is what the point of this Faces of Evil focus is. DC has some good villains, but . . they've either been underutilized or just not handled right. Look at Doctor Light. The same with Prometheus. He started out being a major league baddie during the beginning of the JLA series, but then . . he was relegated to being a b-list at best. Now with this FOE book we find out that it wasn't him at all, and now he looks to be a major threat again. Pretty much everything you need to know about Kobra was explained in this book. The older ones will just make you laugh. He really is that stupid.

  2. Thanks for saving me the time and/or money I would have spent looking into Kobra. I guess the old Kobra is pretty much a variation of Hydra from Marvel. Hydra could be a major player in the Marvel U, but for the most part they're just a bunch of jokes, regardless of who the current leader is.