Friday, February 27, 2009

Why look, more new comics!

So, another comic book order arrived in the mail today... I've really been on a rampage lately with all of the new books I've been buying. Hell, all of my money seems to go towards my collection. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is why I call myself a comic book junkie! What exactly was so irresistible that I had to order? I'm not exactly sure, but here are the new additions to my ever growing collection.

Birds of Prey #127- The final issue. I'm guessing within a few months, maybe towards the end of the summer, there will be a new Birds of Prey type comic, so I'm not all that sad about this series ending. I'm sure Babs and the gang will be back.

Robin #183- The final issue. I have a HUGE amount of Robin comics that I haven't even read yet... I probably have about 70% of the Robin series(there are a few gaping holes). I like Tim Drake, I liked him throughout Young Justice and the Teen Titans, but with all of the other comics I'm continually buying, I've never had the chance to read Tim's solo series. One day I'll read this comic...

Dark Avengers #2- YES, a comic written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS! I can't wait to see how he continues to destroy the Avengers legacy this issue! Please note the dripping sarcasm... If Noh-Varr wasn't in this book, I wouldn't even be purchasing it... Dammit BRIAN, why did you have to include one of my favorite characters in this mess...

Guardians of the Galaxy #10- Now, this is a comic book that I am legitimately looking forward to reading. Guardians is by far one of my favorite Marvel comic books. Yes, really! I'd tell anyone to give this book a shot.

Justice League of America #30- Well, the good news is that Batman is still Bruce Wayne in this comic(this takes place pre-Final Crisis), the bad news is that Dwayne McDuffie is back as the writer after a one month hiatus. I don't know why, but Dwayne's work on this comic just isn't doing anything for me... Hopefully, that will turn around with this issue.

Vigilante #3- I'm still giving this comic series a chance to grow on me. The first two issues really didn't thrill me, but this issue has a Nightwing appearance, so that should help(I hope). If this comic doesn't really pick up during the "Deathtrap" crossover, I'll probably drop it.

Other than that, I was on a back issue kick. I picked up the mini-series "DC Universe: Decisions", which seems to be the main focus of a lot of the events going on in the "Titans" and "Vigilante" lately.

I also picked up the first 25 issues of the JSA comic from the late 1990's(?)/early 2000's off of eBay. The first few issues were written by James Robinson, and featured the Jack Knight Starman! Not only that, but after James, the writer of the series becomes Geoff Johns! Damn, why didn't I buy these comics sooner!

Plus, I picked up three DC Showcase tpb's. Until GL2814E(whose blog can be found here)told me a few weeks back, I had no idea that DC had something similar to the Marvel Essential trades. I picked up the Green Arrow collection, Teen Titans vol. 1 and the Justice League of America vol. 1. I have a real weakness for old school comics, and these trades look frigging AWESOME! I've already read the first few stories in the GA collection, and I loved every page of it! Man, the comic writers of the late 50's-early 60's were fricking crazy! Thanks for heads up GL, I can see I'll be pouring a lot more money into these Showcase titles.

I think I've written enough for this post, which just so happens to be my 69th post this month... That's a lot of posting for the month of Febuary! Say what you will about me, but nobody can deny the fact that I am a one man blog-posting machine... Even though most of what I write is incomprehensible gibberish! On that note, I'll close up with a passionate, "LONG LIVE THE LEGION"! Yes, I'm out of my f###ing mind...


  1. You're definitely a committed fan X. No one can deny you that. You've got a nice bundle of books here.

    I ended up reading everything I picked up this week in my car while I waited for my wife to do the grocery shopping. But it's cool. I've got some non-fiction from the library to keep my mind busy this weekend.

    I've been sitting on all my Umbrella Academy books (including the TPB collecting the first arc) since last month. I'm the kind of reader who always has something to look forward to.

    Where do you store all your comics? I've got a single, longbox and a bunch of shoeboxes filled up. Every couple of months I go through everything and weed out stuff I'm never going to read again, throw it in a bag and give it to my 14 year old nephew. At least that way, I know where to find it if I need to refer to it again.

  2. Yeah, as I'm sure you can guess by the sheer number of books I pick up, I also enjoy having something to look forward to reading. Although, it's getting kind of crazy, since I must have at least 200-300 comics that I haven't gotten around to yet. I've got stuff from at least a year ago that I still haven't read yet, and have no idea as to when I'm ever going to read them.

    For storage, most of my comics are stored in milk crates I managed to pick up years ago, although now, with my collection ever expanding, I've had to resort to cardboard boxes. As for my trades and hardcovers, I've got them lined up in bookcases. I just can't bear the thought of giving away/selling any of my books... Even the stuff I doubt I'll ever get around to reading again.

    I'll usually lend out my comics to whatever family members want to read them, but I always get them back, so I can store them away. Honestly, I never plan on getting rid of any of my collection, I'm a real packrat.