Monday, February 23, 2009

Titans #10

Overall- For what it was, this was an OK comic book. But before I get ahead of myself, let me give a little overview of what happened here. The JLA comes knocking(complete with Cyclops style goggles to prevent Jericho from possessing them)and demands that the Titans give Jericho up. Nightwing, who is possessed by Jericho, refuses, but while arguing his points mistakenly refers to Jericho as "me", which alerts the rest of the Titans that Jericho is hiding in Nightwing. Jericho takes this opportunity to slip out of Nightwing and into Flash. Jericho/Flash runs around the facility trying to find an escape and finally just vibrates through the wall.

Before he is able to get away though, Jericho/Flash is grabbed by Superman, who by the way, is the only member of the JLA NOT wearing goggles. Boy, Supes is pretty arrogant huh? Anyway, Jericho/Flash stomps the ground repeatedly, causing a mini earthquake which knocks down the non-flying members of the JLA. The fall dislodges Black Canary's goggles and Jericho immediately possesses her.

Before anyone knows what just happened, Jericho/Black Canary uses the Canary Cry on John Stewart, which knocks off his goggles. Jericho then jumps into John and uses the Green Lantern ring to knock the goggles off of everyone present. By this point, the Titans have joined the battle and Donna tries to hold Jericho/John, with minimal success. Zatana uses Donna's distraction to cast a spell that removes the ring from Jericho/John's finger, leaving him basically powerless. Unfortunately, Beast Boy bumbles in front of Jericho/John and is the next person possessed. Jericho/Beast Boy goes on a rampage, but seems as if he is holding back from harming anybody. Basically, it appears that Jericho/Beast Boy is simply trying to escape.

Finally, Superman grabs hold of Jericho/Beast Boy and Jericho jumps into Superman's body! Both teams seem surprised that Jericho is able to possess Supes, and Jericho gloats that Superman is under his complete control. As he says that, Superman reasserts control and violently expels Jericho from his body. Jericho lays on the ground more energy than substance and slowly fades away, leaving both teams stunned. The best both teams can figure is that Jericho managed to possess an insect or small animal to get away. After the battle, Dick tells Donna that Jericho isn't to blame for his actions, the onus lays on the villains Jericho possessed at one time or another. Dick goes on to explain that the real, good Jericho is tragically trapped within his own mind, surrounded by the thoughts of dozens of maniacs.

As for the "Origins and Omens" portion of the comic, we see the Titans holding a meeting in which Dick announces that he's quiting the team. He explains that although he considers the Titans to be his family, his other family, the Bat-family, needs him more and he has to devote most of his time to Gotham with Batman gone and presumed dead. The comic then ends with some potential future images(?)showing Raven being attacked by Brother Blood, Donna being strangled by what looks to be Indigo(from the old Outsiders series), Wally staring at the Flash costume and Cyborg looking over somebody(Red Arrow?)in a hospital.

Although the idea that Nightwing is no longer a member of the team bothers me, those possible glimpses of the future seemed pretty interesting. Honestly though, with Dick leaving, possibly followed by Wally, depending on what direction DC is going with the Wally West/Barry Allen/Flash situation, I don't know how much longer this series can go on... I guess alot is going to be decided in the upcoming Titans/Teen Titans/Vigilante crossover, "Deathtrap".

Personally, if this team loses Dick, possibly Wally and possibly Roy(depending on the validity of that glimpse into the future), I don't know how interested I'd be in continuing to collect this series. The group of Raven, Cyborg, Donna, Beast Boy and Starfire isn't exactly a team I'd be very interested in following. Oh well, for this issue, I'll go with a score of 7 1/2 out of 10. Watching Jericho own both the Titans and the JLA was pretty enjoyable!


  1. Holy moly! That's a lot of story packed into one book. I dropped this title from my pull list, but I'm curious enough to want to at least flip through this one just to see how they crammed all those plotpoints into a regular-sized comic book.

  2. Yeah, this was a kind of fun comic to read, nothing mind blowing, just fun. Basically, Jericho just went along and possessed person after person, using their powers as if it was second nature.

    Since I've always been a bit of a Jericho fan, I have to admit, I enjoyed watching him lay waste to the Titans AND the JLA at the same time! Not many people can state that claim.

    Like I said towards the end of this review though, the loss of Nightwing, possibly Flash and maybe Red Arrow, doesn't fill me with confidence about the future of this comic, but this issue was definitely a fun read.