Thursday, February 12, 2009

The March to Valentine's Day: My beloved poor Legionnaires

With the Legion of Super-Heroes cancelled, I figured I take a look back at some of the happier moments from this comic book series.

First up is Shadow Lass and Karate Kid
Here we have Timber Wolf and Princess Projectra in a cozy situation...Triplicate Girl and Element LadSupergirl and Cosmic BoyAnd finally one more of Supergirl and Cosmic Boy


  1. Supergirl's hug looks kind of funny... Not very platonic looking.

  2. Supergirl's entire relationship with Cosmic Boy was kind of funny... I don't remember the exact explanation, but Cosmic Boy was somehow drawn to SG due to his magnetic powers or something.

    I always wondered why the writer of the series at the time(I forget who)felt the need to explain WHY Cosmic Boy was attracted to/acted funny around SG... He was a straight guy, she was SUPERGIRL! What other explanation was needed?

  3. I thought it was Mark Waid, which really if he has trouble explaining why a red-blooded Braalan is attracted to a girl Supergirl, Wally West and Linda Park's relationship suddenly makes so much more sense...