Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daredevil #115

Overall- Yeah! A new issue of Daredevil written by Ed Brubaker! For the record, this is the final part of the Lady Bullseye storyline, which is kind of weird, since it's only part 5. Don't storylines usually cover 6 issues nowadays? Anyway, here's the review.

I'll start with the story before I say anything about this comic book. We start off with Matt Murdock(Daredevil)surrounded in his house by an army of Hand ninjas as well as White Tiger and Black Tarantula, both of whom have been resurrected as members of the Hand. Matt is getting taken apart by the horde, until the timely arrival of Master Izo and Iron Fist. Izo and Iron Fist even things out a little bit, but Matt is still doing too much thinking and not enough fighting. Matt decides to put some space between himself and the battle in order to regain his bearings, and runs upstairs, where he is subsequently attacked by Lady Bullseye.

Besides Lady Bullseye, Matt is once again attacked by a new set of Hand ninjas. Matt begins to take a beating again, but realizes that neither Lady Bullseye, nor any of the ninjas seem interested in trying to kill him. Izo once again makes the save, and tells Lady Bulleye that with so many ninjas attacking Matt, her leader, Lord Hirochi is very vulnerable. With that, Izo jumps out a window and races away. Lady Bullseye sends most of her forces after Izo, and this distraction gives Matt the opportunity he needs to get himself back in the fight.

Matt tackles Lady Bullseye through the window, and they fall onto a nearby rooftop. Being this close to Lady Bullseye causes Matt to realize that Lady Bullseye was definitely the chief lawyer for his wife's parents, who are suing Matt for custody of his deranged wife. This realization enrages Matt, who is sick and tired of his enemies striking at him through his friends and family. Matt fights Lady Bullseye with a new determination, until she reveals that the Hand haven't been trying to hurt Matt by going after his loved ones, they've been trying to separate Matt from them for his own good. Lady Bullseye then tells Matt that the Hand wants him to become their new leader. Matt is shocked by this revelation, but promptly rejects Lady Bullseye's offer. After hearing Matt's rejection, Lady Bullseye knocks Matt out and leaves him laying on the roof, telling him that the Hand doesn't take "no" for an answer.

Matt awakens to see Master Izo standing in front of him, telling Matt that he was glad Matt turned down the offer. Matt is kind of surprised that Izo knew what the Hand wanted the whole time, and Izo tells Matt that he didn't tell Matt what the Hand's master plan was because Izo wanted Matt to make the decision himself, without Izo's influence. Izo tells Matt that for now, the Hand will leave him alone, but eventually they'll be back. The comic closes with Matt deciding that he will continue to try to regain custody of his wife, even though he wants to pursue a relationship with Dakota North.

First off, let me apologize for the review... I don't know what's wrong with me tonight, but my brain doesn't seem to be working that well. Anyway, this comic just didn't really do much for me, which is pretty surprising considering how much I've been enjoying the past few issues of this storyline. The reveal that the Hand wanted Matt to become their leader, although a surprise, wasn't a very interesting turn of events. We all know Matt isn't going to turn his back on society and become the leader of the Hand. That's why this revelation did little for me. Master Izo is just a little too cryptic for my taste, so hopefully he'll disappear for a while. I wouldn't mind seeing more of Lady Bullseye, but for now, it appears she'll be on the back burner, as the next storyline in this comic looks to be dealing with the exiled Kingpin. For a score, I'll grudgingly give this comic an 8 out of 10, but I was pretty tempted to go even lower. I was really expecting a better conclusion here, but unfortunately, that was not to be.

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